13 Oct 2014

Interlull: something to get your teeth into

What a bleak Monday morning this is. Usually a Monday should be the get up and go start to a new week, but outside it’s grey and we have nothing doing as Arsenal fans. Four of our lot played yesterday for England against Estonia. Jack Wilshere seems to be getting

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12 Oct 2014

Interlull: A rock and a hard place

What little there was happening yesterday has doubled in nothingness since then, meaning that the infinitesimal amount of Arsenal news is now like an atom on a tiger in a zoo who doesn’t realise he’s part of a gigantic computer simulation which is set inside a universe inside which our

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11 Oct 2014

Interlull: Saturday round-up

I don’t think it’s any coincidence that this Interlull has coincided with the drop in temperature that reminds you that winter is coming. “Yer knur nothing Yaya Snurnurguuuu …” Still, maybe the cold isn’t a bad thing right now as we’ve gone a full 24 hours without news of anyone

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10 Oct 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

As Lord Mangan of Leinster pointed out this very morn, every Arsenal player has been devoured by a wolf and the youth team are succumbing to rampaging leprosy, chronic jitters, ladies’ vapours, false leg syndrome, canker sores of the armpit, paper cuts on the old chap and indeed my own

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10 Oct 2014

More injuries, Per and behind the scenes jiggery-pokery

It’s my sad duty to report to you this morning that every Arsenal player has been devoured by a wolf. I mean, I haven’t read that anywhere but I’m just assuming that’s what happened. The youth team are too afraid to make the step up. Gedion Zelalem tried, the brave

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09 Oct 2014

Put it in the ground where the flowers grow

“2-0 down! 3-2 up! That’s how Arsenal won the cup, with a nick knack paddy whack give a dog a bone, Aaron Ramsey poked one home.” So sang a gentleman behind me at Leicester in August. Repeatedly. I joined him in his choral appreciation of Arsenal’s recent F.A. Cup win.

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09 Oct 2014

Ozil to miss three months as injury issue becomes farcical

It seems somewhat apt that it’s miserable and teeming down this morning, as Arsenal’s fitness parade was rained on once more yesterday. In the morning we got news that Mesut Ozil was heading to Munich to have an MRI. In the afternoon the German national association released a statement on

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08 Oct 2014

Empty vessels

It’s getting darker and colder these mornings which, in turn, is making it more difficult to get out of bed. ‘Just one more alarm snooze’ is what’s needed every 9 minutes – another little clump of warm sleep. We’re now well and truly into the Interlull and as you can

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
07 Oct 2014

Arsecast Extra Episode 36 (live!) – 07.10.2014

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. This week’s show is a very special edition, recorded live at Union Chapel on Upper Street last night (Oct 6th). James and I were joined by Amy Lawrence and Philippe Auclair to chat about the weekend’s game against Chelsea,

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07 Oct 2014

Live recording, Szcz and Jack …

I suppose this has to start with a bit of a *boilk* – some post-show school-night pints/bourbons definitely have an effect. Anyway, we had our Arsecast Extra live recording last night at Union Chapel and all seemed to go well. It’s hard to know exactly, but nobody threw things at

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06 Oct 2014

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal: Gunners found wanting in a big game once more

Match report – By the numbers – Player ratings – Video Another game against a big team away from home, another defeat. Even if the game yesterday was much more even than the encounter last season, the result was predictably, demoralisingly familiar. Chelsea produced two moments which resulted in the

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Arsenal live blog
05 Oct 2014

Chelsea v Arsenal – live blog

Join us this afternoon for live blogging of the Premier League tie between Chelsea and Arsenal, kick off at 14.05GMT. Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. This season we’ve added a mobile specific

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