09 Jun 2015

If Rosicky is unhappy, Arsenal should allow him to leave

Morning all. Let’s kick off with some Tomas Rosicky who, like many of our chaps, is away on international duty. It’s not uncommon for players to speak more freely when surrounded by local press, and that seems to be the case with him as he’s made it quite clear he’s

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
08 Jun 2015

Arsecast Extra Episode 71 – 08.06.2015

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we cover for the fact there’s no Arsenal news by discussing doughnut related disasters, the Champions League final, the prospects of Arturo Vidal and discover the club’s next wonderkid©®. Then we answer some listener questions

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08 Jun 2015

Depth decisions for next season’s squad

What a feast of football this weekend provided. First, a Champions League final, and then Ireland v England. A quite astonishing game to watch, the skill, trickery, bravery, effort and energy of the players in that game was second to none. And by none I mean loads. What a dull

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07 Jun 2015

Sunday round-up: Champions League final, Walcott and stuff

Very quick Sunday round-up before my ailing carcass is transported to the nearest Charnel house. The Champions League final saw Barcelona run out 3-1 winners over Juventus. On the one hand that means Dani Alves and Luis Suarez are happy, but on the other it means Patrice Evra is sad.

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06 Jun 2015

Ramsey on next year’s title + AW’s keeper conundrum

Hey-ho, a quick Saturday round-up as I continue to battle whooping cough and the Parson’s Lurgy. Some stuff from Aaron Ramsey to kick off with who says he believes that this current group of players, even without summer reinforcement, could mount a title challenge. Confidence is high, of course, after

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
05 Jun 2015

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

First we consider the matter of the Football Association’s Crock of Shit first: that is, the charging of Monsieur Jacques for his utterances upon the victory omnibus on Sunday last. We know from past behaviour that the Football Association is hardly stocked with Britain’s finest minds. So on the off

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
05 Jun 2015

Winding down the FA Cup final week + Arsecast 355 (season finale)

Morning all, I come to you this morning very early because I’m struck down with illness and couldn’t sleep very well. I could tell you it’s just a common cold – most likely the consequence of a particularly heavy weekend last weekend, thus leaving myself more susceptible to the filthy

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04 Jun 2015

Progress bar loading: please wait

George Orwell once said that the biggest struggle in life is seeing what is perched on the end of one’s nose. He wasn’t wrong, but sometimes it’s just as difficult to exert focus away from that which is staring you in the face. The question as to whether Arsenal have

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04 Jun 2015

The way things are going …

19th May 2034 Press release The NewsCorp FA have announced that Arsenal midfielder Archie Wilshere has been charged with two counts of bringing the game into disrepute. The first follows his interview on the SkyNet Broadcasting Platform following the club’s 4-0 win over The Glasgow Rangers of Celtic in the

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Arsenal squad 2015
03 Jun 2015

Squad assessment in 140 characters or less (ish) – 2015

In what’s now some kind of tradition, it’s time for the annual Arseblog squad assessment post. This time last year they were done in a kind of Twitter-ish style of around 140 characters, and I see no reason to change. So, let’s get it underway, starting with: Goalkeepers Wojciech Szczesny:

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02 Jun 2015

Home again, so here’s some random blathering

Morning to you all. I’m back in Dublin now, and faced with a mountain of catching up, replying to things, and generally getting back to normal to get on with – but despite how daunting that is, the weekend was all worth it. Fun times, folks, fun times. I know

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
01 Jun 2015

Arsecast Extra Episode 70 – 01.06.2015

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s FA Cup winning special we discuss winning the FA Cup on Saturday when we won the FA Cup by beating Aston Villa 4-0 to win the cup. We chat about the performances – both collective and

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