Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
07 Jul 2015

Arsecast Extra Episode 74 – 07.07.2015

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we take in all the news of the last week, including player departures and wonder why Lukas Podolski never said goodbye #itsnotmeitsyou. We also touch on the news of Mikel Arteta’s new contract, and answer

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07 Jul 2015

Backroom additions continue & Arteta signs new deal

Morning all, we managed to get through yesterday without a single ‘Men go back to work on the day they’re supposed to go back to work’ story. That’s some serious self-restraint right there. The players will be funneling back to pre-season, doing the fitness, the running, the stretching and the

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06 Jul 2015

Pre-season starts today

It is the first day of pre-season. A tanned Arsene Wenger arrives at the training ground having spent some glorious days hurtling into the sea down a rubber slide off David Dein’s boat. He remembers the fun times, the sunshine, going “WHHEEEEEEEE!” before splashing into the ocean. But now that’s

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05 Jul 2015

Alexis wins the Copa America for Chile, and other stuff

I have a terrible confession to make folks. After all my talk of being football free until the new season began I folded last night. Mildly under the influence, I watched the second half of extra-time of the Copa America final and then the penalty shoot-out. Spoiler alert: Chile won.

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04 Jul 2015

Podolski’s departures moves ever closer + TV times/dates

Some years ago I first heard of this thing called a ‘lie-in’ but it didn’t make any sense to me at all. Sleeping longer in the morning than usual? What madness was this? But now I get it. I had one. A whole lie-in. And I’m a fan! I was

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Bellerin, Debuchy and Jenkinson
03 Jul 2015

Some thanks and some right-back thoughts

Morning all. First off, thank you all for the comments, email and feedback on yesterday’s piece about Abou Diaby. Any writer will tell you they love to have that from their readers, so everyone who took the time to say thanks or that they liked it, I really appreciate that.

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02 Jul 2015


It’s safe to say that my first impression of Hector Bellerin wasn’t a particularly good one. In the winter of 2011, I was at Barnet’s old Underhill ground to watch the Arsenal U-21s. A fresh faced, 16 year old Bellerin sat in front of me; having joined the Gunners that

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Abou Diaby leaves Arsenal
02 Jul 2015

Goodbye, and good luck, to Abou Diaby

When Arsenal submitted their list of players out of contract and set to be released by the club earlier this month, it wasn’t any surprise to see the name of Abou Diaby on it. Despite suggestions from some quarters that he might be offered a new contract, the club yesterday

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01 Jul 2015

Some random guff on sunshine, work permits, and further transfers

What a glorious day we had in Ireland yesterday. There was sun, there was no rain, it might be as rare as a John Jensen goal but when they come along they’re a bit spectacular (made even better by the fact Ireland didn’t lose 3-1 to QPR either). It was

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Petr Cech Arsenal
30 Jun 2015

Cech signing a show of Arsenal’s ambition

So the first signing of the summer was confirmed yesterday with the announcement that Petr Cech has agreed to join us from Chelsea for a fee believed to be around £10m. Speaking to the official site, Arsene Wenger welcomed his new, first-choice keeper, saying: Petr Cech is a player that

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
29 Jun 2015

Arsecast Extra Episode 73 – 29.06.2015

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show we delve deep to bring you extensive coverage of all the Arsenal news like … erm … uhm … and … er … aahh … *twiddles thumbs*. However, we touch on Cech, Arturo Vidal and,

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29 Jun 2015

A morning in the life …

6.01am: Wake. Feel groggy. That last glass of wine immediately deemed unnecessary. 6.01 – 6.11am: Lie there as long as possible, delaying the inevitable. 6.12am: Get up, get slurped by large German Shepherd. Eventually make it to bathroom 6.14am: Make coffee. Declare to Mrs Blogs that this will be an

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