26 Sep 2015

Leicester preview :: Gabriel suspended :: Mourinho obsessed

A tough Premier League test today against an exciting looking Leicester side who have yet to lose a game so far this season. After they sacked Nigel Pearson, the appointment of Claudio Ranieri was met with giggles from some quarters – as if he was some kind of joke figure

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
25 Sep 2015

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Back in the 40s, we decided here at Gentleman Towers to undertake some minor home improvements. When I say ‘we’ I mean Mrs. Gent decided to undertake some improvements; my only involvement was to sign the cheque. And when I say ‘minor’, I mean we built a new wing. The

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
25 Sep 2015

Rotating the rotated + Arsecast 363

Morning all, welcome to another Friday. I did my back in playing football the other night and I’m walking around like something out of the Walking Shuffling Dead, that show about zombies who have hurt their backs playing football. It’s pretty niche, but I think you’d like it. Anyway, after

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24 Sep 2015

Spurs Away

I began attending live football in 1992, at the outset of football’s gradual chrysalis into gentrification. I only visited Highbury once before it became an all seater stadium and that brief sojourn was spent safely cocooned in the family enclosure. (A 1-1 draw with Leeds United in March 1992 since

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24 Sep 2015

Sp*rs 1-2 Arsenal: Someone call a Flambulance!

Match report – Player ratings – Video One of the worst things about football these days is Know-it-all-ism. That regardless of what occurs, there’s always some bloke who’ll say ‘I knew that would happen’, or ‘I told you that team couldn’t get a result’, or ‘I’ve always said that player

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Arsenal live blog
23 Sep 2015

Sp*rs v Arsenal – live blog

Join us this afternoon for live blogging of the Capital One Cup tie between Sp*rs and Arsenal, kick off at 12.45 Live blog is 100% free to follow on your computer or mobile device and gives you real time text commentary from the match. You can switch between the main

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Arsecast Extra Live 100%
23 Sep 2015

Arsecast Extra live: tickets now on sale

As we mentioned on this week’s Arsecast Extra, we’re going to be doing a special, live podcast on Monday October 5th. Tickets for the event are on sale now at £11 + transaction fee. The event takes place in the The Garage – Highbury & Islington. Doors open around 6.30pm,

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23 Sep 2015

Sp*rs preview: Win required + Gabriel gets off

Normally the Capital One Cup is one in which Arsene Wenger likes to blood some youngsters. Had we drawn different opposition, and had we not just lost twice in a week, I suspect we’d have seen a different team to the one he’ll put out later on. Although, to be

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Mike Dean Arsenal
22 Sep 2015

FA charges for clubs ridiculous as Dean escapes censure

The scatter-gun approach from the FA when it comes to matters of discipline is one they use quite often – particularly when they want to deflect from the poor performance of their own officials. They’ll dish out a load of charges to obscure the fact that competent handling of situations

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
21 Sep 2015

Arsecast Extra Episode 85 – 21.09.2015

Here’s this week’s Arsecast Extra with myself and James from @Gunnerblog. On this week’s show it’s all about Diego Costa, Mike Dean, red cards, Gabriel and various porcine developments. We touch on Costa’s behaviour, the referee’s inability or unwillingness to do anything about it, retrospective punishment, if Arsenal are too

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21 Sep 2015

Gabriel will have regrets as Costa/Dean sham rumbles on

Morning all, welcome to a brand new week. The Diego Costa stuff will rumble on, with Arsene Wenger backing suggestions that the Chelsea striker should face retrospective punishment for his antics on Saturday. Asked if he felt the FA should view video and dole out a ban after the fact,

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20 Sep 2015

Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal: Costa’s cheating enabled by feeble Dean

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video Diego Costa is a cheat. An angry, spiteful, snide, gruesome man who plays like he has a wasp up his arse and the only way to ease the discomfort is to cause pain to others. As early as the

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