25 Nov 2014

Limit’s supposed to be the sky

The heroics of Aaron Ramsey’s 2013-14 season need little repeating. Quite aside from the winning goal in the FA Cup final, he grew into one of the finest box-to-box midfielders in Europe. A team which contains high energy players who can score and create, maintain high levels of defensive awareness,

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24 Nov 2014

Tactics column: Wilshere and Welbeck found wanting

In the end, it was hard not to think that the match hinged on Jack Wilshere. Arsenal’s 2-1 defeat to Manchester United on Saturday might have had a more promising end had Wilshere buried one of his two good chances after an energetic start, instead the match turned after his

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
21 Nov 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

As is traditional in Interlull week I have been engaging in the traditional pursuits of the idle rich in the absence of any proper association football at which to tear my remaining hair out and tug my moustache. Thus this week I have been peasant-scrumping (chuck a few in the

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20 Nov 2014

Who knows what tomorrow brings?

Last Thursday evening, I had the pleasure of attending a Q & A with Amy Lawrence on her recent book ‘The Invincibles.’ Ten years after one of English football’s most resonant achievements, Amy had been granted access to every member of that immortal squad (bar Ashley Cole, who declined to

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
14 Nov 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

And so we reach the interlull, often an unwelcome intrusion into the hurly-burly of English top-tier foot-ball, puncturing the hullaballoo like an overly officious schoolmarm piercing a balloon. But on this occasion, the Interlull allows Woolwich time to regroup. Retreats are as English as a pork pie with the King’s

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13 Nov 2014

Familiar faces in unfamiliar places

Back in March, I wrote a piece suggesting that whether or not you wanted Arsene Wenger to leave was more a question of whether you were bored of the journey as opposed to the destination. After eighteen years with the same partner, the flaws that you once either didn’t notice,

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
07 Nov 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

First we turn to Mighty Arsenal’s crushing defeat of Burnley Casuals this weekend last. Burnley are a romantic, motley but valiant crew of stevedores, milkmen, meatpackers, bottlewashers and stable-lads who have somehow found themselves in the top division of English football despite being not very good at it. And yet

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06 Nov 2014

Arsenal get the drop on … er … Arsenal

It’s difficult, and not a little painful, to chart the beginnings of Arsenal’s love affair with self-destruction. Like all psychological scar tissue, I think it arrived unexpectedly and at the hands of those most familiar to us. In October 2008, Arsenal led an ailing Spurs side 4-2 as the Emirates

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03 Nov 2014

Tactics Column: Flamini, Arteta provided base for Alexis to flourish

Arsenal fans clamouring for a new defensive midfielder might have seen significance in Mikel Arteta’s substitution on 63 minutes in the 3-0 win over Burnley, or at least, the symbolic nature of it. Because Arteta was once the undroppable; the metronome in a team who love to pass the ball.

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
31 Oct 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Greetings from Gentleman Towers on this All Hallow’s Eve. The downstairs staff are in a state of high dudgeon at this time of year, for they are allowed to fossick around in the East Wing attic for our Hallowee’en decorations to dress the halls in preparation for the visit of

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30 Oct 2014

Alexis: Tight fit

“Alexis is one of the best. He’s very committed. Even in recovery sessions he wants to go outside and train to keep improving.” So said Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta of his new teammate Alexis Sanchez. There were flashes of brilliance in Alexis’ opening games for Arsenal, even if the understanding

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24 Oct 2014

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Wonderful news from weekend last as Woolwich saw off the challenge of European titans Hull City Tigers. Hull, lest we forget, are twelve time winners of the European Cup, 37 time winners of the English Premier League, and due to administrative error have won La Liga fifteen times, Serie A

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