02 Jul 2015


It’s safe to say that my first impression of Hector Bellerin wasn’t a particularly good one. In the winter of 2011, I was at Barnet’s old Underhill ground to watch the Arsenal U-21s. A fresh faced, 16 year old Bellerin sat in front of me; having joined the Gunners that

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25 Jun 2015

Jeepers Keepers

The pursuit of Petr Cech is a very intriguing one for Arsenal on a number of levels, it weaves a web of tangled narratives. On the surface, it’s a signing that makes a lot of sense. It strengthens us in a key position on the pitch, one that many believe

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11 Jun 2015

That was the weak that was

Recently I attempted to address the ‘great Arsenal progress’ debate of 2014-15. In the immediate aftermath of the FA Cup final victory, it was difficult to take distance and prevent the article from turning into a hagiography of the season that was. It is equally precarious to address where Arsenal

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
05 Jun 2015

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

First we consider the matter of the Football Association’s Crock of Shit first: that is, the charging of Monsieur Jacques for his utterances upon the victory omnibus on Sunday last. We know from past behaviour that the Football Association is hardly stocked with Britain’s finest minds. So on the off

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04 Jun 2015

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George Orwell once said that the biggest struggle in life is seeing what is perched on the end of one’s nose. He wasn’t wrong, but sometimes it’s just as difficult to exert focus away from that which is staring you in the face. The question as to whether Arsenal have

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01 Jun 2015

Tactics Column: Alexis comes infield to wreak havoc in cup final

Looking back on the season, perception is invariably skewed to the now; things that happened at the start of the season seem an impossibly long time ago. So what better reminder of Alexis Sanchez’s consistent brilliance than his scorcher in the FA Cup final, a wicked, swerving shot that deceived

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29 May 2015

Arsenal and the FA Cup final

A look back at Arsenal in the FA Cup final by @JonSpurling1 — Arsenal fans already know this, but unlike the other major red top sides – Liverpool and Manchester United, their team has never won the European Cup. There’s no stars on Gunners’ shirts (Nottingham Forest have 2) signifying

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Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review
29 May 2015

Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Firstly, let us behold Mr. Michael Owen, the Chester Chump, a man who cannot, it seem, predict which foot will tread after his left. An exceptional dullard, whose monotone mooings would send a sugar-crazed six year old into the very depths of slumber. This ex-Stoke scapegrace is to football punditry

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29 May 2015

Arsenal v Aston Villa: FA Cup final head to head

Key battles will characterise Saturday’s clash at Wembley. Tim Stillman looks at the individual duels that will go some way to dictating the pattern of the Cup Final. FRANCIS COQUELIN v JACK GREALISH Grealish probably ranks alongside Hector Bellerin as one of the discoveries of the second half of the

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28 May 2015

Cup final daydreams … and nightmares

With the proliferation of live football in the 21st century, it’s fair to say that the FA Cup Final is not quite the sporting occasion that it used to be. The FA’s attempts to truss the trophy up in fishnets and bad eyeliner has hardly played to the gallery of

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27 May 2015

Wenger’s cup final selection dilemmas

Arsene Wenger selected an unaltered starting line-up for six consecutive matches in April and May, an unprecedented occurrence during his reign. However, as Saturday’s Cup Final approaches, he has several selection dilemmas which will have him clawing at his scalp in consideration. Theo Walcott and Jack Wilshere certainly gave him

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26 May 2015

FA Cup final 2015: Villa fan Q&A

Dubbed ‘Tactics Tim’ by the press, there is a fair amount of debate around the managerial talents of Tim Sherwood. It strikes me that his ‘give it a right good go’ tactical template is a very death or glory tenet. However, after some of the most turgid football in Premier

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