25 Apr 2015

Saturday round-up as fires are stoked badly

Morning to you. There’s a delicateness to my head which can only be cured by coffee and pork related products. I must make this happen. There are some headlines about Jose Mourinho ‘hitting back’ at Arsene Wenger over something the manager said about defending being easy. The Chelsea manager made

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23 Apr 2015

Let’s not call the thing anything because nutcases

Yesterday, in a piece which showed how Twitter tracks Arsenal fan activity across the globe, my erstwhile (or is that hirsute?) colleague Andrew Allen attempted to describe the sensation where winning all the time kills off the news. We know how it goes. When you lose there’s always something to

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22 Apr 2015

The politics of dancing (or refereeing or whatever)

Good day to you all. It’s quite something when the biggest story of the day is how Jon Moss is going to referee the FA Cup final in May. The former Culture Club drummer got the nod over Mark Clattenburg, much to the surprise of everyone. Including, it seems Mark

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21 Apr 2015

Ozil and Alexis a vision of Arsenal’s future

Morning all. It’s going to be one of those weeks, I think. A game on Sunday has been prefaced by another win, one without much in the way of talking points, and that’s likely to be reflected in how quiet it is from a news point of view. Still, there’s

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20 Apr 2015

It’s Villa in the final + Debuchy & Mertesacker

Morning all, the dust settles on an FA Cup weekend and it turns out it’s going to be Aston Villa in the final. Brendan Rodgers’s glowing shark teeth weren’t scaring Tim Sherwood’s men yesterday, and a goal from Fabian Delph helped Villa do Liverpool’s dishes. On a very basic level

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19 Apr 2015

Reading 1-2 Arsenal: Through

Match report – Player ratings – Video Arsenal Arsenaled their way to the FA Cup final yesterday with an Arsenalriffic win over a Reading team that made it very difficult for us. As I suspected the manager made a number of changes to his team beyond the goalkeeper with Mathieu

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18 Apr 2015

Reading preview: one step from Wembley again

Here we are then, FA Cup semi-final day. I know some people love the idea of a trip to Wembley but for me it’s only special when you’re there for the final. I mean, I understand why the games are held there now (££££) and why the kick-off time is

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
17 Apr 2015

Why Szczesny should stay and fight + Arsecast 348

Morning all, just a day away from an FA Cup semi-final and, perhaps because I’ve been away for most of the week, I’m still not quite feeling the excitement. I’m sure that’ll change by tomorrow evening though. The manager’s press conference took place yesterday with the only bits of team

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16 Apr 2015

Jack’s back – but in what role and for how long?

On Monday evening, Jack Wilshere managed another 88 minutes for the U-21s at Emirates Stadium. He seemed fit and sharp, despite a slightly concerning grimace and rueful glance at the ankle shortly before the end. It is likely that he has proved his fitness as much as is necessary now

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16 Apr 2015

Some quick Mert and Wellington stuff

Morning all, very quick one for you as I’m leaving Oslo today. Caught some of the Champions League action last night in a place where there were a lot of unhappy Bayern Munich fans. 3-1 to Porto. Oooof. That last goal when the defender missed the header, you don’t see

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15 Apr 2015

More Walcott contract guff : Gnabry on his return

Greetings from Norway. Or, as they say in Norway, ‘Greetings’, because everyone here speaks English which makes it very handy indeed. There doesn’t appear to be a lot going on other than a story about Theo Walcott’s contract talks which will, according to various reports, begin in the next two

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14 Apr 2015

David Ospina’s win ratio makes him the second largest oil producer in the universe

Morning all. It’s a strange time we live in, where odd stats and facts become news stories. Like the one about David Ospina having the highest win ratio of any player ever in the Premier League. It was everywhere yesterday but what does it mean? Does it mean that David

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