29 Jul 2015

Quick: more molehills!

As I mentioned yesterday the presentation of Jose Mourinho’s somewhat inaccurate, but essentially harmless comments about Arsenal’s spending, were perfect for the press. Arsene Wenger was due to host a press conference of his own ahead of the Community Shield the very next day. Present those quotes with a snappy

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28 Jul 2015

Mountains out of molehills, and why Akpom has to leave on loan

Morning all. You know we’re on the cusp of a new season when the headlines try to create dramas and tensions from very little. If you’re a regular reader of this site you’ll know that Jose Mourinho is far from my favourite person. If he could be trapped in a

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27 Jul 2015

Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff Jeff

Welcome to a brand new week folks, and one that kicks off with glorious, prestigious silverware. At long last the Emirates Cup is ours again. Not since 2010 when skipper Manuel Almunia lifted the trophy have we had the pleasure and distinction of holding aloft the cup which looks like

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26 Jul 2015

Lyon hit for six as positive pre-season continues

A quick Sunday round-up for you as I got my first real look at pre-season Arsenal yesterday. To tell you the honest truth, it was disgusting and I was left hugely disappointed by the whole thing. Whoever at Puma decided this colour should be worn by anyone needs to be

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25 Jul 2015

Wenger on the £200m, Szczesny’s loan, Flamini, and more goals from within

Quick Saturday round-up for you, as there’s a bit to get through and a game of football as the Emirates Cup kicks off later on. Firstly though, Arsene Wenger was asked about the comments made by Lord Harris of Peckham in which he declared us as rich as Croesus and

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24 Jul 2015

Club’s director says we’re after a centre-forward, and ooops

Morning all. One of the things Arsenal have been renowned for over the years – particularly in the Wenger era – has been almost a code of silence over transfers and the clubs intentions in the market. Sure, there was that time Danny Fiszman said in 2008: If Arsène said

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23 Jul 2015

Wenger’s long-term vision now must bring about ‘short-term’ success

Morning all. Some interesting stuff from Arsene Wenger doing the rounds this morning in most of the papers. He talks about his thoughts for the new season, the job itself, how consuming it is, the finances of football, and loads more. Wenger will be 66 in October, at some point

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22 Jul 2015

I Snapchatted my future to my Bebo profile

Morning all. The world of transfers, as we well know, is filled with all kinds of weirdness. The ability of people to find things, no matter how small, to generate discussion about potential moves is actually quite impressive at times. Sure, you might wonder what the world would be like

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21 Jul 2015

Cech on the Arsenal dressing room: and why we should improve next season

So, about Theo Walcott’s contract … I kid, I kid. We’ll start (and probably finish) this morning with some interesting stuff from Petr Cech who has spoken about his first impressions of the Arsenal dressing room. It’s obviously going to be different from the years he spent in the lair

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20 Jul 2015

Theo we go again over his contract

Morning all, let’s start a brand new week with some comments from Theo Walcott about his contractual situation. I know I spoke yesterday about how I hoped this wasn’t going to become a thing, but I suspect what he’s said will go some way to making that happen. On the

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19 Jul 2015

Sunday round-up: Tour trophy won, Walcott’s contract and more

Hello. Last night I dreamed we signed Cristiano Ronaldo and everyone was really excited but when he arrived we had to put him together like flat-pack furniture from IKEA and Real Madrid left out the hinges for his legs so he took over the job of running the official website.

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18 Jul 2015

Some football, some fitness, and an underwhelming video

Morning all, a bit of a quickie for you this morning. We play Everton later in the final of the Barclay’s Orange Tic-Tac Trophy and having left out some of the big names for the midweek game, Arsene Wenger is likely to call upon the likes of Koscielny, Ramsey, Cazorla,

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