30 Oct 2014

In their own words

I’m afraid that there’s nothing to blog about this morning. All we’ve got is Arsenal players talking about other Arsenal players. On the one hand I’m tempted not to do anything at all, on the other I know people want something to read as they go to work, or arrive

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29 Oct 2014

Twitter guff and the things we should buy in January

Pretty quiet again this morning, which is only to be expected after we won a game. It’s not as if you can really go to town on what a great performance it was against Sunderland so under the circumstances quietness is par for the course. Yesterday on Twitter, Santi Cazorla

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28 Oct 2014

Defenders get a boost + some Arseblog changes

Morning all. Not a lot going on today as we carry on from the 2-0 win over Sunderland. After that game the main issue is the fitness of Kieran Gibbs who left the pitch with what looked like a hip injury and any absence there would leave us very short

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27 Oct 2014

A little bank holiday rotation

It’s gonna be a short one this morning due to the fact it’s a bank holiday here. Not that I’m doing anything particularly special, and I’ve been up since 6.45 anyway, but it just feels like a few hundred words less than normal is something of a gift to myself.

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26 Oct 2014

Sunderland 0-2 Arsenal: Alexis on fire

Match report – By the numbers – Player ratings – Video It’s hard to know how to do this particular blog because do we need another examination of what’s not happening for us right now? Like Anderlecht in midweek we didn’t really perform as well as we can, but in

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25 Oct 2014

Sunderland preview: Balance the back four

A traditional 3pm kick-off today, and what I’d give for a traditional one nil to the Arsenal. Don’t get me wrong, I’d take a 2-0, a 3-1, a 4-3 or any shape of win, but a clean sheet would be nice given how often we’ve conceded this season. The team

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23 Oct 2014

Anderlecht 1-2 Arsenal: lucky Gunners get massive three points

Match report – Player ratings – Video Ok, I think the first thing to do this morning is to say how utterly delighted I am with the win. Under the circumstances, as the game went into the final few minutes, I wasn’t expecting us to snatch a point, let alone

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22 Oct 2014

Anderlecht preview :: Ospina knackered

Champions League action tonight as we take on Anderlecht. Having lost to Dortmund and then pulverised Galatasaray, this is a game from which we’ll be looking to take three points. Anderlecht are, on paper, the weakest team in the group, but you suspect they’ll be looking at us and thinking

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Arsenal Galatasaray Stadium Damage
21 Oct 2014

Pre-Anderlecht waffle, KSE losing friends rapidly

As usual after a disappointing result, there’s been something of a wall of silence. Understandable, how much more is there to say about what happened against Hull? Still, we just have snippets to keep us going today until the manager meets the press in Belgium later on. There’ll be the

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20 Oct 2014

Defensive problems obvious, but is the solution?

A famous man once said, “If you defend like a garrulous, gin-soaked wombat, you’ll never win the Premier League.” Actually, I don’t know if a famous man said that at all, but somebody should have because it’s true. We are a gimlet-eyed marsupial at the moment, conceding more goals, looking

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19 Oct 2014

Arsenal 2-2 Hull: Unfocused Arsenal drop bad points

Match report – By the numbers – Player ratings – Video Well, so much for this being the start of a run of games that might see the team find some form and rhythm. Although we began well, we soon self-destructed in typical Arsenal style and in the end we

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18 Oct 2014

Hull preview: Enough up top to balance defensive shortages

It seems like an age since our last match so it’s good to have football back today. We’ve had to endure the post-Stamford Bridge gloom, a rake of injuries, an Interlull and a rather contentious AGM, so hopefully we can add a bit of silver lining to that collective cloud

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