30 Mar 2015

But I am The Interlull

Last night I faced a difficult choice. Should I watch Ireland play Poland in the European Championship qualifiers, or watch episodes of Bojack Horseman on my laptop? Bojack won, and if anyone tries to tell you the theme music isn’t one of the best theme musics of all time then

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29 Mar 2015


It’s good that the clocks went forward so there’s more daylight to watch the incessant rain teem down. Not a lot going on unfortunately, other than the rain. Aaron Ramsey scored one and assisted one for Wales last night and I think I saw some people say he might have

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28 Mar 2015

My little Arseblog

Good morning. It’s Saturday and I am somewhat hungover. Sometimes I look around a bar I’m in late at night with envy because I see people and think ‘I bet none of you lot have to get up and write something first thing tomorrow morning’. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the

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27 Mar 2015

Akpom joins Forest on loan: Walcott muddies the waters

It’s Friday, it’s 5.54am and it’s the Interlull. Not a good combination for anything, unless you’re into being up really early during a particularly tedious time of the season. Those of you seeking excitement will have to look elsewhere this morning because we haven’t even loaned out a youth team

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26 Mar 2015

Interlull: Arsenal’s Room 237

I’m not paying much attention to what’s happening in the Interlull other than to keep an eye out for stories about our players being smooshed and bashed and beflobbled by bad tackles and/or muscle strains. However, it’s hard to escape the news that Nicklas Bendtner scored a hat-trick last night

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25 Mar 2015

Interlull: Unpopular opinions

It’s Interlull, it’s quiet, there’s nothing going on unless we want to discuss the fact that Mesut Ozil was seen in a Berlin nightclub on Saturday night, and to be perfectly honest I’d rather chew my own leg off than get into that. So, with a doff of the cap

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24 Mar 2015

Interlull: Some thoughts on the defence

Morning all, and welcome to the Interlull. It does feel like a particularly unwelcome one given the momentum we have going right now, but on the other hand it may give a few of them some time to rest and recuperate. Francis Coquelin has done enough to become an integral

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23 Mar 2015

Football amuses as the Interlull begins

Football, for all the ways it frustrates us, can also be really funny. Stuff happening to other teams – even if that enjoyment is fleeting, sometimes lasting only minutes or seconds – just makes you laugh. I know my brother won’t have found much funny about Steven Gerrard at Anfield

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22 Mar 2015

Newcastle 1-2 Arsenal: Giroud makes the difference as defence plays its part

Match report – By the numbers – Player ratings – Video I don’t know if it’s amazing or not, because social media is place which exhibits the best and worst of people, but after securing our third away win on the trot, people were complaining @ me on Twitter. Maybe

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21 Mar 2015

Newcastle preview + Walcott’s contract situation takes a turn

A trip to Newcastle today to try and get three more points on the board before we go into the Interlull. On paper it’s one of those we should win: we’re in great form with five wins in a row (as well as five Premier League wins in a row),

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Arsecast - the Arsenal podcast
20 Mar 2015

Early team news, away goals + Arsecast 345

Morning all, and welcome to Friday. As we play Newcastle tomorrow, the manager’s press conference took place yesterday and in terms of the team news, there really isn’t any. Tomas Rosicky might return to the squad after a bout of illness. Other than that there’s nobody banjaxed from the midweek

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19 Mar 2015

Sanchez has lost his sizzle

For the purposes of this piece I am going to work on two broad assumptions in the (perhaps naïve) belief that you will be in agreement. Assumption number 1. Arsenal have been playing better in the three month period between mid-December to mid-March, compared to the period August to December.

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