31 Aug 2016

Striker and defender arrive as the departure lounge gets busy

Well, yesterday turned out to be a busy day. A strange day at times, but there was certainly plenty going on. I guess the best way to look at it all is break down into arrivals and departures and look at each one. We confirmed two new players, but one

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wilshere 2016
30 Aug 2016

Wilshere loan makes sense for him but not really for Arsenal

We’re heading towards the close of the transfer window, and focus again turns to a departure rather than any further arrivals. This morning various reports say that Arsenal are prepared to let Jack Wilshere leave the club on loan in order to give him the playing time he needs. The

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29 Aug 2016

Interlull is here, but who’s heading out before the window closes?

Once more unto the Interlull, dear friends, once more. That’s what Henry V said when another international break came rumbling around. It’s one of those things we always complain about; the season has just begun when the brakes are put on and the players go off to play for their

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watford 1-3 arsenal 2016
28 Aug 2016

Watford 1-3 Arsenal: First half blitz enough to take three points

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video Well, wasn’t that pleasant?! Scoring goals, winning the game, feeling quite good afterwards. This winning lark is rather good. Arsenal don’t need any highly paid consultants, I can offer some free advice this morning: do that more often and

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watford v arsenal 2016
27 Aug 2016

Watford preview: How will we make the midfield tick?

So, today we’ve got a game of football. If anyone’s forgotten that’s the thing you do with all the players you buy in the transfer market. You pick 11 of them and send them out onto a PITCH to kick a BALL into the NET. Beyond that the details get

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25 Aug 2016

Deportivo striker Lucas Perez on the way? + Champions League draw awaits

Morning all. It’s been a quiet week in terms of actual things happening, which leads to introspection, which leads to posts like yesterday. Anyway, thanks all for all the feedback on it, it certainly got people talking and the sense that people find it more difficult these days to identify

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24 Aug 2016

The Stan Kroenke problem and why it will probably get worse

Do you ever stop and think ‘What is the point of Arsenal?’. I don’t mean it in some existential way. We know it’s a football club that has existed since 1886 and the fundamental reason behind it is to play football matches and win football matches and ultimately win trophies.

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premier league bubble
23 Aug 2016

Is the Premier League bubble affecting Arsenal’s thinking?

In the wake of the Joel Campbell loan to Sporting Lisbon, we got a question for the Arsecast Extra which asked ‘Why do we keep loaning players rather than selling them?’ Campbell has gone on loan when it’s pretty clear that his time is up at Arsenal. The manager doesn’t

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22 Aug 2016

Campbell’s departure to open door for Gnabry? + Mustafi price hike & Koscielny

Morning all, welcome to a brand new week, and let’s begin with some actual transfer news. A transfer that actually happened. Ok, it’s not one that has pleased a lot of people, but it’s still real: Joel Campbell has gone on loan to Sporting Lisbon for the season. In many

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21 Aug 2016

Leicester 0-0 Arsenal: Centre-halves shine but post-match Wenger frustrates again

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video I’m going to start with the positives. A clean sheet after letting in four goals the week before was nice. And at the centre of our defence the return of Laurent Koscielny was vital. The Frenchman was superb, and

leicester v arsenal 2016
20 Aug 2016

Not a preview of Leicester before we play Leicester

Bad morning to you. Normally I would be providing you with bloggish entertainment on a Saturday morning, but as I’ve been awake being violently ill since 1.30am, I’m struggling to make sense of anything, let alone think about football. It took pretty much all my energy to get upstairs to

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18 Aug 2016

If Usmanov wants out, what happens to Arsenal?

Hello, what a day yesterday was. We came home first in the 100m Nothing, followed that up by setting a World Record in the 400m Nothing Hurdles, and finished it off with another gold medal in the Synchronised Nothing. The Nothing Olympics are going fabulously for us. We are two