27 Aug 2015

Arsenal target top-secret striped hoofed striker as deadline approaches

Good morning to you. There’s little happening other than, as the transfer deadline gets closer, more spurious rumours appear. It’s a perfect storm for the bullshit merchants as the inevitable closure of the window is accompanied by a strong desire for Arsenal to add to the squad after a stuttering

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26 Aug 2015

Mistakes at both ends costly so far this season

Morning all. I watched Adrian Clarke’s ever-excellent ‘The Breakdown’ via the official site yesterday as he went back over the 0-0 draw with the Mugsmashers. One stat, or fact, stood out: Arsenal gave the ball away 20 times in our own half, with every single starting outfield player guilty at

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25 Aug 2015

Arsenal 0-0 Liverpool: Home form a concern after another blank night

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video If, in the few minutes before half-time, you’d offered me a draw I think I would have taken it. As it was in the end, there was frustration that we couldn’t find the breakthrough having dominated the second period

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Arsenal v Liverpool - Premier League
24 Aug 2015

Liverpool preview: Time to get going at home again

Premier League action tonight as we take on Liverpool, looking to build on last week’s win over Crystal Palace. Not only that, we’re attempting to rediscover our mojo at the Emirates a little bit. On April 4th we hammered Liverpool 4-1, as goals from Ozil, Bellerin, Alexis and Giroud, made

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23 Aug 2015

Giroud Giroud Giroud Bacon

Good morning. I did not arrive home until much a lot late last night and for this there can be only one person to blame: The Mugsmasher. Many years ago around this time, he was made a person by life and so it was that we celebrated this momentous occasion

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22 Aug 2015

On the search for a new striker

Morning, I had a lie-in until 9am, this is amazing. Who knew it was permitted to sleep this long into the day. I feel thoroughly decadent. We’ll start this morning with the manager’s thoughts on new arrivals as expressed at his press conference yesterday. It’s all quite familiar, he wants

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20 Aug 2015

Should other clubs spending impact on ours?

It’s a Thursday before a Premier League weekend and it’s as quiet as quiet can be. We’ll get some team news later on. My predictions: Welbeck still out, Wilshere still out but close, Rosicky obviously still out, hopefully no ill-effects from the game against Palace last week. Everyone hoping to

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19 Aug 2015

How do I get you a loan?

Good morning, very quick one for you as I woke up late and I have about 1003 billion things to do today and I’m already behind schedule. It’s all about the loan players today. Adding to our list of players out on a temporary basis is Wellington Silva, who will

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18 Aug 2015

Early days, goalkeeping stuff, and Ramsey from the right

Morning all, the cloak of victory hangs loose around our shoulders, protecting us from the madness and mayhem of not victory. As amusing as all this Chelsea stuff is, and it is really, really amusing, it just shows how quickly things can change in football these days. Even after the

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17 Aug 2015

Crystal Palace 1-2 Arsenal: Ozil pulls the strings

Match report – Player ratings – By the numbers – Video A return to last season’s formation and line-up brought us our first win of the season, but as usual it was hard work at Selhurst Park. With Ramsey ostensibly on the right, Alexis left, and Cazorla back in the

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16 Aug 2015

Crystal Palace preview: Response required

There’s little to say about this game in general other than it’s one that feels like a must-win, a vaguely ludicrous conceit this early in the season, but that’s where we are. The defeat last weekend to West Ham knocked the wind out of our sails, and we have to

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15 Aug 2015

Saturday round-up: Welbeck, Alexis, transfers, and more

Hello, a Saturday round-up for you as, of course, we play tomorrow. Apparently there was football on last night, which is really weird. Man Utd beat Aston Villa 1-0 but I watched episodes of Always Sunny in Philadelphia instead (“Champion of the Sun”). I dunno, I guess it’s something we’ll

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