xhaka switzerland
25 Jun 2016

Arsenal interest in the Euros + Iwobi and Kante waffle

Morning all, a quickie for you and who doesn’t love one of those? The knock-out stages of the European Championships begin today and there’s Arsenal interest in the first two games. Granit Xhaka will be on show for Switzerland when they face Poland who may have Wojciech Szczesny back in

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Europe :(
24 Jun 2016

Sorry Hector, you can’t come around here no more

Morning all, no football again today as the players who have made it through the knock-out rounds have been rather selfishly been given some time off to recover before they play again. Don’t they know we’ve grown used to having games all the time? Ah well, at least we can

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23 Jun 2016

Gotta love a goal from a man named Brady + Euro waffle

When it opened up for Wes Hoolahan in the 84th minute I thought this was the moment for Ireland. The team’s most creative player, left on the bench by Martin O’Neill, was going to come on and show the manager he should have started. He just had Italian goalkeeper Salvatore

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Alvaro Morata Arsenal
22 Jun 2016

Euro 2016 round-up, Cech goes home + Ospina and Morata transfer guff

Due to work and actually playing football I saw very little of what went on at the Euros yesterday. Germany beat Northern Ireland 1-0, topping their group, but Norn Iron still qualify for the knock-out stages as one of the best third-place teams. Mesut Ozil was apparently in sparkling form

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21 Jun 2016

Ramsey shines for Wales as England struggled + Euros round-up

Work yesterday evening meant I was restricted to watching England v Slovakia on my laptop, which turned out to be a tremendously dull affair. Meanwhile, Wales were demolishing Russia 3-0, with Aaron Ramsey right at the centre of all the action. He opened the scoring in the 11th minute, latching

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steed hypertoole
20 Jun 2016

Arsenal ‘pursuing other options’ + Giroud and Xhaka get it on

Morning, welcome to a brand new week, hope you had a good weekend. Well, after the Jamie Vardy stuff yesterday coming yesterday from the horse’s mouth, so to speak … well, that’s if you consider Arsene Wenger a horse … I wouldn’t really, I have to say. If I had

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19 Jun 2016

Wenger suggests Vardy has made a decision + Euro/Copa round-up

Morning all, a quick Sunday round-up for you. Seems to be a bit going on so let’s do it bit by bit. Away from the international tournaments to start with, there looks to have been a bit of an update on the whole Jamie Vardy thing. We know Arsenal are

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18 Jun 2016

I love Tomas Rosicky + Euro round-up

Did I ever mention I love Tomas Rosicky? I think I might have, but watching him last night for the Czech Republic reminded me of it once more. Trailing 2-0 to Croatia, the Arsenal man (his contract doesn’t expire until June 30th so we can claim him for a few

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17 Jun 2016

Daniel Sturridge’s goal cost me a grand + Euro round-up

Good morning Eurowombles. I realise that as I write every day about an English football team, many of my readers are English people from England. As such, many of you will have been delighted with Daniel Sturridge’s late goal to beat Wales of Walesland 2-1 yesterday. How many times have

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16 Jun 2016

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas

In 2016, international football occupies a curious space within the sport. Once considered the pinnacle of the game, club football has spread its tentacles and expanded aggressively, enlarging itself in everybody’s consciousness. The narrative thread provided by round the clock coverage of the Premier League and the Champions League are

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16 Jun 2016

Xhaka can, Giroud can’t + next seasons fixtures announced

Morning. We had many more hits than usual from Iceland yesterday. It’s good to know that Cristiano Ronaldo can bring us all together in so many different ways. Maybe he is the herovillain the world needs right now. Let’s begin today with mixed reports from the Euros for the Arsenal

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15 Jun 2016

Iceland make us all happy … well, apart from that one guy

If someone asked you ‘What are the best things about football?’, what would you say? Off the top of my head, here’s a list, in no particular order, of some of the things I really love about the game. Last minute winners A brilliant sliding tackle where the player ends

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