Due to continued efforts by IT departments and other nefarious entities that stop good, honest people from surfing the web during work, I’ve decided to set up an Arseblog mailing list which will send each day’s post to subscribers via email.

All you need to do to subscribe is go here – http://www.arseblog.com/mailing/?p=subscribe – enter your email address and specify whether or not you wish to receive plain text or HTML emails.

You’ll then receive an email asking to confirm your subscription and that’s it. From then on you’ll receive Arseblog in your box every morning.

If you wish to change the email address with which you subscribe to the list, go here – http://arseblog.com/mailing/?p=preferences

If you no longer wish to receive emails from the list, just go here – http://arseblog.com/mailing/?p=unsubscribe

Your email address will not be made public and Arseblog will never share your information with any third parties. You will not receive any promotional or commercial mail after subscribing to the list, the only thing you’ll ever receive is the day’s blog.

**This list is only for receiving Arseblog, it is not a list for general conversation or discussion so please do not send any messages to the list address. Sending messages to the list address will result in a warning and any subsequent messages sent will result in your address being removed from the list.


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