Sunday, October 2, 2022

Gone fishing

Happy Interlull Sunday to you.

I feel like everyone needs a day off. Even Ferris Bueller got one, and he was an absolute dick.

So I’m taking day off. Here are some fresh arses to play with.

Till tomorrow.

ps – I have not gone fishing. I have never gone fishing in my life. I like the idea of being on a boat at sea on a warm day, bobbing up and down with a beer in my hand but it’s just much easier to go to a fishmonger and buy fish than it is to catch them. Plus, I don’t want to hurt their mouths. I feel like it’d be more humane to shoot them in the head but I don’t have, or want, a gun.

pps – I suppose I could whittle some kind of harpoon but again, it’s pretty brutal.

ppps – I think I’ll just make some dough and cook up some pizzas on the Ooni. I don’t have to massacre anything for that.

pppps – Yes, I know where pepperoni comes from but that’s only relevant if that’s what I put on it. I reckon I’ll just go with a classic margherita.

ppppps – Mmm, margarita. Better check I’ve got some limes.

Have a good one.

pppppps – If there’s any news we’ll cover it on Arseblog News.

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