Arsenal 2-1 Swansea: Sead and done

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The thing about watching football that kicks off at 1am is that when 1am comes around you’ve probably had a few beers, and so the next day it’s a bit more difficult to remember the game in the kind of detail you normally do.

Suffice to say there was great delight at the win and in typical Arsenal style we made it difficult for ourselves by dominating the game and then falling behind to their first shot on goal. I mean, it could have not been their first shot on goal, but it feels like it was and it was one of those scenarios we’ve all seen before.

There was a big Petr Cech save just before half-time after Mertesacker had been fouled, then it was half-time, and after that we scored a couple of goals in quick succession which ultimately led to the three points. First up was Sead Kolasinac, reacting quickest to a ball that broke his way and the Bosnian fired home from inside the area for his third goal of the season.

Then he turned provider after Xhaka’s lovely pass found him in lots of space down the left hand side. He pulled the ball back perfectly for Aaron Ramsey who finished with his left foot to make it 2-1.

After that, it’s all a bit hazy but obviously the fact we had to replace Kolasinac due a recurrence of his hip injury is a bit of a worry. He was unlikely to play against Red Star Belgrade on Thursday anyway, but going to Man City next weekend without him would be a bit of a blow.

Arsene Wenger said of his replacement:

It’s a hip problem, a tight muscle in his hip. How long will he be out? I don’t know. We hope to get him fit for next Sunday.

And then of his contribution:

I believe that since he has arrived, he has convinced everybody that he’s a good signing. When you see the quality of his performance again today, you see there are still some good deals to make out there.

Considering he arrived for a fee of no pounds and zero pence, you have to say we’ve got good value from him so far. Fingers crossed he’s ok for next weekend, because not only do you feel he makes us stronger down that left hand side, he can make an impact in the opposition half, and we’re going to need everything we’ve got against City.

Overall, you’d rather we didn’t go behind the way we did, and this habit of ours of doing so in that particular way is endlessly frustrating, but we had enough character and quality to make up for it and take the three points. Given what went on around us, it was a win we really needed so you can’t argue with the result.

Finally for this morning, thanks to all the Melbourne Gooners for their hospitality yesterday. It’s always great to hang out with fellow fans and yesterday was no exception. Thanks also to those who came along to the event at the Sports Writers Festival, and I hope you enjoyed the chat and Q&A.

Right, that’s as much as I have today. Back tomorrow, and hopefully we’ll have an Arsecast Extra with James.


  1. We are so shaky against these poor relegation sides. Let’s hope for the best in the next two games, but we are not playing well even when we win..

  2. another poor poor performance by us again, I had to laugh last week when some people were raving about our front three against a sad ten man everton, well we know how good they are now, don’t we, we was very lucky, if that shot which hit cech on the hips had gone in it could have awkward, ( it wasn,t a save by cech, he new nothing about it, it could have gone anywhere ), so I don’t think its a disgrace if we get beat by mid table teams anymore, as I think that this is our mark now, sadly

    • You’d prefer a loss? I can only take each game as it comes and yesterday’s was the old game of two halves version.

      We were rubbish 1st half but a different team as soon as the second half kicked off and you have to acknowledge that; it’s no coincidence that the goals came in a 20 minute period when the team remembered it can play football (and by overloading on our left).

  3. I hate to be all negative after a win but all of the six wins we’ve acquired so far this season are against teams very much in the lower half of the table and five of those wins have been at home. I’m very concerned about our prospects next weekend!! We are not even close to the level we should or hope to be.

    I await a plethora of thumbs down but the truth hurts!!

  4. The thing about watching football that kicks off at 1am is that when 1am comes around you’ve probably had a few beers, and so the next day it’s a bit more difficult to remember the game in the kind of detail you normally do.

    Welcome to my world.

    Fix the arses.

    • Lacazette played only one full 90 minutes on the first day of the season I think. Turned out just fine as he looks a tough physical specimen. I’m not sure why AW risks frustrating Laca just to perhaps keep Giroud happy.

      • Because players coming in from the French, German, Spanish leagues are used to a winter break, and typically in their first season there is a notable decline in performance in the second half of the season as the impact of not having a winter break, compounded with the busy Christmas fixture list, takes it toll. We’ve seen this before, and I’m sure Wenger is aware of it, and so he is managing Lacazette’s minutes carefully.

  5. Interestingly we now sit right where our spending would predict. 5th in spending, 5th in the table. Only surprises are Spuds who spent just below us, and ‘Pool who spent above us.

  6. Arseblog gets to experience the pain of living in OZ where ya go all freakin day with no news, zippo, zilch, nuffin, then it all happens after ya get home from work and ya got to wait til the next day to sit around the office and chat about the news which excited you the night before, because your mrs couldnt give a rats ass about Arsenal or sport in general. Which by then is old news, so not as exciting.


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