Arsenal Gentleman’s Weekly Review

Arsenal Gentleman's Weekly Review

An Ode to the Manager

He needs to go
So do not tell me
He knows what he’s doing
We need to see him for what he really is
He’s a chancer
He’s a blagger
Do not tell me
The Franco-Guadaloupian, the Senegalese and the Catalan were all flukes
Wiltord sealing the double at Old Trafford
Beating Madrid at the Bernabéu.
Forty-nine unbeaten
Tony lifting the cup ‘98
Winning the league at The Lane
Eighteen straight in Europe’s elite
These things were down to him…
A blagger!
He is not
Welcome here
We should make him
Leave our club
He should not
Share our glory
Share our pain
Let us
Get rid of him
Is it right to say
This is our club and
He doesn’t belong here any more?
Do not be so stupid to think that
We should look on him a different way

Now read from bottom to top. With thanks to Brian Bilston for the inspiration.


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