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Good morning and happy Friday to you. I went to a Christmas party last night and probably had more beer than I should have – after the party rather than at the party at which I had just the right amount. Full Sail IPA by the Galway Brewing company is very delicious, more-ish even, but I slightly regret my giddy glugging this morning. Anyway, here we are. There’s not much we can do about it other than get it on with it all … ahead of tonight’s Christmas party … oh lordy.

So, what’s going on this morning? That is a good question and one that I am in no position to answer. I have spent most of the time since I got up regretting getting up, and then putting the finishing touches to the Arsecast which I put finishing touches to last night when I came home. This is not recommended for professional sounding audio content.

What I’ll do is go to NewsNow, pick some headlines and react to them … on the fly like. It’s like improvisation but on a blog. Improg, or something. Ok, here we go:

‘Arsenal make Wanyama their priority in January’: The Telegraph – 07:29

See the way this is in quotes, as if someone said that? I bet nobody said that. I’m loath to give it a click, but for the purposes of this post I will. Ah, it seems they’re taking the story from the Mirror, where the first story on the Arsenal page is ‘Wayne Rooney offered £75million to leave Man United? Transfer gossip from Friday’s papers’.

What a time to be alive. Onwards.

Is Joel Campbell the answer?: Arsenal Times18:08

That depends entirely on the question. For example – “Who set up Olivier Giroud for Arsenal’s second goal against Olympiacos?” would work, although it would be more correct if it were written like: Is ‘Joel Campbell’ the answer? I suspect this is more about asking if Joel Campbell is the answer to a question about our wide players in the absence of so many others.

I would prefer if it were written: Is Joel Campbell ‘The Answer’, in a world where ‘The Answer’ was a fly-by-night superhero who cleaned up the city of shady criminals and ne’er-do-wells who prey on the most vulnerable in society and he wore a cape with a big A on the back. That would be pretty cool. He is The Answer to Metropolisville’s problems, you see, which is why he’s called The Answer, and also because there’s another superhero called Super Joel who is quite niche and only rescues sick or dying pigeons. He got there first with the name though, so fair’s fair.


Giroud inspired by Walcott rivalry, says Flamini: The Guardian 22:30

I like this. First Walcott was the main guy and Giroud’s response was to do his bit from the bench when he was given the chance. No moaning, no griping, no radio interviews about how he was fed up. Just exactly the reaction you want. Come off the bench, score. Come off the bench, score. Come off the bench, score. Wait for your moment because you know that Theo is a bit brittle, right? Chances are he’s going to pick up an injury which will open the door for you.

Lo-and-behold, Walcott’s calf goes all wonky, welcome back to the starting XI, and his performances have been very solid, capped with that rather tasty mid-week hat-trick. Maybe we all need a Walcott in our lives. A factory could churn out replicant Theos who threaten to do our jobs or lives better, making us all up our respective games and improve as people and human beings.

Can we send the prototype to Donald Trump? We’d certainly test its limitations then.

Last one.

Odds slashed on Arsenal legend Bergkamp taking Swansea job: London Evening Standard 19:07

Poor Odds, a victim of knife crime. When will this madness end? Still, it would be good to see Dennis Bergkamp as a manager. We might have a vacancy at some point in the not too distant future. It would also be quite funny to see what happens for away games in Europe.

His assistant setting up an iPad on the side of the pitch so he can Facetime the match to Dennis back at home because he won’t fly. It’s the future baby.

Right, time then for this week’s Arsecast and I’m joined by Tim Clark from Arse2Mouse to discuss Champions League qualification, Olivier Giroud, Joel Campbell, January transfer activity, and why we both think this is a league season set up for Arsenal success. We hear from the Angriest Man on Twitter, there’s all the usual waffle, and a priceless, informative podcasting tutorial for anyone interested in starting their own show.

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We will have all the news from the press conference over on Arseblog News this morning. Team updates and what have you. Now it’s time for breakfast. And more coffee.

Have a good one.


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