There is nothing to say this morning about football. Its place in this world was put into sharp focus by the events last night in Paris.

People … people just like you and I … people like your brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, your friends and their friends, went out on a Friday night and were murdered. They went out after a long week of work to enjoy food, drink, music, and each other, and never came home.

That is the only place my thoughts are this morning. With them and those affected by this senseless tragedy. With their families and friends, the ones who have to deal with their loss for the rest of their lives. With the people of Paris.

Events like this shake us, our belief in humanity, and in each other. That’s what they want. To divide us and to scare us, and it’s what allows them to flourish. All we can do is remember that this tiny minority, these killers, do not represent any of us. Most people are decent and kind. Most people would never countenance doing something like this.

The most difficult things at times like this are the things that will make the biggest difference. Love. Compassion. Understanding. Trust. Decency. Charity. I’m not a religious man but I’m absolutely behind the sentiment that asks you to treat people the way you would like to be treated yourself.

I will love my family and those close to me a little extra today – and there’s enough to go around for those I don’t know too. Because that’s what will make the world better in the end.



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