Thursday, January 20, 2022

Early morning quickie

How typical that the morning I’m heading away comes off the back of the quietest day of the summer so far. I really should have got Tom to do this one.

So un-newsworthy was it that stories about Lionel Messi ‘sounding out’ Arsenal, via Cesc Fabregas, about a move to us were met with a quizzical ‘Oh, isn’t that something?’ rather than being laughed out of town. Don’t get me wrong, I think we could probably just about find a place for him in the squad, but he’ll have known there was little chance of us ever paying him what he’s on in Spain.

Which is assuming that he was even interested. He might have once picked up an Arsenal Magazine that Cesc had around, asked about one of Rob the Chef’s recipes and it got blown out of proportion from there.

The only thing going on is waiting for the official announcement of David Ospina. I sense anagram potential with this man. David Ospina = David Pianos. He could be our goalkeeping Richard Clayderman. I like David Pianos, I have to say. He could be the key to the title.

He could pull off a great save, save the world from the evil of Skynet and say “I’ll be Bach.” These gags are off the scale. I deserve a Hammond egg sandwich.

I am so sorry. It’s ridiculously early in the morning.

There’s some chatter that Serge Gnabry (Grabs Energy) might be off on loan to Southampton or to Newcastle or to somewhere else entirely, and that’s certainly something that seems like it could happen. His chances of regular first team football with us are slim at this moment in time, so it makes sense for him to go out, play week in, week out and develop further.

Beyond that, nothing.

Anyway, Tom will most certainly improve on things when he takes over tomorrow. Even if there’s nothing happening, I’m quite sure it’ll be better than this. Not that I’m trying heap pressure on him – perish the thought – but he’s got a whole summer of stuff he hasn’t written about so I’m sure he’s got some delicious anecdotes and witty stories that he can entertain you with.

I’ll try and provide some New York flavour via Twitter and Instagram, which if you’re not following you should be, and I’m really looking forward to saying hello to lots of American Gooners over the next few days.

I’m also looking forward to walking around, eating street food and slices of pizza late at night, drinking many of the beers and finding the places with Happy Hour because it truly is the happiest of hours.

Hope to see some of you in O’Hanlon’s – a full list of what’s on is right here – and I’ll talk to you all on here when I get back.

Have fun.

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