Saturday mumblings

Good morning from a vaguely overcast, but more specifically hungover Edinburgh. I imagine this weather would make for ideal marathon running, or it would at least be much more appropriate than the glaring heat of summer we experienced last weekend, but that would’ve been much less fun for us spectators, and we all know marathon running is really about the spectators. Oh, how I miss the summer.

Still, that’s it gone for another year, I imagine; nothing but rain between now and September, when the sun will again emerge for a few days, before going into hibernation until it’s properly cold. Then, it’ll decide to reappear to produce those wonderful, crisp winter days with not a cloud in the sky that really make you angry that it doesn’t do that when it’s actually warm enough to appreciate it.

Mrs Tom woke me from my slumbers at half past six this morning to tell me that she was going to get up and go in the other room so as not to disturb me, which was very informative, but somewhat contrary to the whole notion of not disturbing me. So for those of you betting that I’d not get my lazy carcass out of bed to post today’s blog until sometime nearer lunchtime, you should take up your losses with Mrs Tom. Vigourously.

I’m informed that sadly yesterday’s deal that saw Arseblogger swap Dublin for Barcelona hasn’t worked out terribly well on the Irish side. Dubliners were under the impression that they’d get something in return for loaning out their star player – perhaps just a little of that warm, Catalan sunshine – but I understand it’s raining there, which given my own experiences of that city, I’m not entirely surprised to hear, I have to say. Still, I’m sure you’ll agree that whatever Dublin failed to realise from the deal, a first holiday in five years is very much deserved, and you’ll join me in wishing Mr and Mrs Blogger a lovely, warm, and relaxing break.

With some difficulty, I was trying to remember the last time I wrote Arseblog. I think it was the day the club officially confirmed the signing of Marouane Chamakh (hence the ill-fitting banner for this post), which with some foresight I was distinctly underwhelmed – and castigated for in the arses. I suspect it was the interminably long time it took to sign a player I wasn’t hugely excited about anyway (I knew next to nothing about him, in fairness), or his strange, strange hair, but while I do remember being told off for not being happier about a signing, it turns out my underwhelmedness wasn’t entirely misplaced. The Moroccan’s had a rotten time of it at Arsenal, and while he hasn’t gone yet, it’s difficult to see how he’ll ever turn it round – underwhelmedness is a feeling now long established with the poor chap.

I do remember the sun was shining that day though.

Onto current, up to date Arsenal news now, and as you’ve probably guessed from the above waffle, there’s not a lot to go round. It seems to be my lot; I either get to write blogs in circumstances where Arseblogger’s at a game, which we’ve inevitably lost (because he’s there, and not because I’m writing the blog, obviously), or I write them in the summer transfer window. Bloggers writing about other clubs might have some transfer intrigue to write about, but as we know, that’s not really the Arsenal way (*weep*).

The Guardian report that Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain (am I the only one that hates “The Ox”?) will start for England against Belgium this afternoon, if that’s your thing. With Frank Lampard out of the tournament, Roy Hodgson is looking to explore his midfield opt…is anyone else bored of this already? I know lots of people love a good international tournament, but this one’s left me really quite cold. Hopefully it’ll get my attention a bit more when it actually starts. Anyway, good luck to Alex – I hope it goes well in his first start for England, and I hope he doesn’t come across a particularly menacing Thomas Vermaelen.

There’s the usual raft of stories about Robin van Persie’s future, Roberto Mancini appearing to have chosen to open his trap to talk about our player, but it’s all nonsense; nothing has actually changed, as far as I’m aware. I really do find this story, and all the associated guff, really very boring. Quite clearly he’s either going to stay, or he’s not, but Arsenal will continue to exist, “whatever happens”. I hope he does stay, obviously, but it really won’t be the apocalypse some are predicting if he doesn’t.

Anyway, I didn’t really want to talk about how I don’t want to talk about that particular saga, but there really is very little else going on.

Today I have a wedding. Not my own, which happened some years ago, but that of a colleague. I’m photographing the wedding, which means for most of the day I can’t have a drink; while everyone else sips champagne and gets steadily more drunk, I’ll be concentrating on trying to get some good photos. At least I’m getting paid for it. Maybe.

Have yourselves a good Saturday. Till tomorrow.


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