Just ten more minutes!

You know those mornings where you lie in bed and doze through the alarm, but it doesn’t matter because you’ve not really got anything to do anyway, so you just snooze and snooze, in your warm comfy bed until you’re entirely ready to wake up? I love those days.

Today is not one of them. I woke up at half past four, was much more awake than anyone should ever be at half past four, but decided to go back to sleep until my alarm went off at six, and now I really do want to doze and doze all day, but instead of that I have some meetings with some people, pretty much all day long, which means I won’t get any proper work done. That’s right – babies might die, all because I’m in a meeting.

(They actually won’t and there may be some degree of hyperbole to that statement).

Anyway, onto Arsenal news and there’s a few bits and pieces to get through, none of which is really Arsenal news, but is news about Arsenal players, so that’ll have to do.

Theo Walcott has given Roy Hodgson his seal of approval as England manager, which is very nice and all, but I’m not sure the manager really needed it. He also said, with what I suspect was a tongue-in-cheekedness that’ll be lost on many, that whomever plays up front for England in the first two group games might end up keeping Wayne Rooney out of the team:

He has a two-match ban but the players we have in that dressing room, we play in the best league in the world as well, it’s not a hard task for anyone who comes into Wayne’s role. You never know, we might keep Wayne out of the team if we do well in the first two games.

Given the other strikers are Danny Welbeck, Andy Carroll, and Jermaine Defoe, I can’t believe Rooney will have too much trouble getting into the side for their third game, but who knows. Of course, by the third game it could well be all over for England; I think there’s a serious danger they’ll be knocked out before the knock out stages even begin.

The Bleacher Report asks “is it time for Denilson to move on from the club?”. I’m not sure how close attention the author has been paying to Denilson’s career in the last few years, but I’d suggest it’s more than time he moved on from the club. Were it only just time now, I’d expect to be told next that time had stopped for the past three years (which would actually be quite cool from a personal point of view, but wish as I might, it doesn’t seem to be happening).

In fairness to The Bleacher Report, there’s a similar story on Sky Sports with quotes from Denilson saying he’ll either stay, or go, which is about as informative and interesting as me saying I’m going to have a sandwich for lunch, or you know, I won’t.

The Express, with its hideous auto playing video that ought to see their website immediately shut down, their domain name cancelled, and the designers of the site publicly humiliated, reports quotes from Marco van Basten “blasting” Per Mertesacker for not being fit. Germany lost 5-3 to Switzerland last week, but it would be just like them to play like cunts in the warm up games and then crush all comers at the actual tournament. In my search for a team to support at the championships, it was suggested to me yesterday on Twitter that I might want to consider the Germans, which isn’t a bad shout at all. I can’t think of any really hugely outstanding bastards in their team – although that’s probably only because I don’t know most of their team, and they do have that Ozil chap that’s tainted by association of having played for that utter cunthound that manages Real Madrid. They do have our new boy Podolski and the aforementioned Per Mertesacker though, so maybe they’ll get my love this summer (ew).

Finally for today, reports from Turkey suggest we’ve made a transfer! Of youth player Oğuzhan Özyakup, who’s going to Beşiktaş. Oh. Well good luck to him. In other Turkey-related news (gobble), the Daily Mail report that Eskisehirspor want Tomas Rosicky. That’ll be the same Tomas Rosicky that just enjoyed an excellent second part of the season with Arsenal, and recently signed a new deal with the club. Watch this space, folks, this could be a long drawn out one…

And that’s about it for today’s round up of fascinating developments. I’m going to go and sit in meetings I don’t care about all day, wasting my time, with people for whom I care little, while babies – poor little babies – go without their electronic patient records (or at least might possibly have an issue with one of them).

Till tomorrow.


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