On last night

I wasn’t watching Sp*rs v Bolton last night but followed events via Twitter. It was heartening to eventually hear that Fabrice Muamba was stable, despite being critically ill, because it’s one of those situations where it’s easy, and sadly usually accurate, to fear the worst.

All we can do this morning is hope that the fight he has shown as a young man, and a player, to get where he did in football continues and that he pulls through this fully. If you read Daniel Taylor or Amy Lawrence in The Guardian you’ll get a clearer picture of him and how he’s made his way in the game, against so many odds.

The medical team at White Hart Lane deserve massive credit for their reaction and brilliant work, and best wishes go to everyone there last night, at Bolton Wanderers, and of course, to Muamba’s family and friends – many of whom are at Arsenal because of his previous association with the club.

To those of us who play football despite not being as fit and healthy as a 23 year old professional, or even those who do not, it’s a stark reminder for us to be thankful of the health that we have, and that for all the passion it generates and the rivalries we enjoy, it is just a game at the end of the day. There are lots of things more important than football.

Get well soon, Fabrice Muamba.

It seems rather churlish now to blog about the little there is going on about Arsenal this morning. Have yourselves a good Sunday, spend it well with friends and family.

Back tomorrow.


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