Interlull: Crumpled Robin + Wojscez©® Rosicky & t-shirts

Cheese with bits of chilli in it is absolutely delicious but also brings about some crazy Arsenal related dreams. I dreamt last night that Robin van Persie bought Arseblog because ‘I want to get the truth out there about my injuries and about Nelson Vivas’. Naturally I was delighted and sought to give him a big thank you hug but he said he didn’t want to be hugged but I insisted and when I hugged him he crumpled into nothing like when Darth Vader kills Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars.

I was left looking at a pile of clothes muttering ‘The deal is still on right? RIGHT?!’. Most odd. The deal, sadly, was not still on.

Anyway, hopefully nothing that serious happens to him while on international duty tonight. Jack Wilshere has already withdrawn from the England squad and faces a race to be fit for the game this weekend. To be fair it does seem as if this was a knock he was carrying into the Interlull rather than an injury picked up on duty so fingers crossed he can recover in time for Sp*rs.

The rest of them will be in various degrees of action tonight so it’s just a matter of hoping nobody else gets crocked. The game this weekend is of such importance it will be a massive frustration if we lose players because of games nobody really cares about, not even the players.

Fun times for Henri Lansbury last night as he had to go in goal for England U21s. Coincidentally an interview with one of the young keepers, James Shea, on the official site mentioned that Lansbury likes to throw on the gloves from time to time. I don’t know that he’s going to worry any of the established keepers at the club, least of all … *deep breath* … Wojciech Szczesny. I did it! I did it!

If you missed it yesterday check out Michael’s excellent interview with him in which he talks about his new deal and his future at the club. Over-confidence is not something this young man considers a problem.

Meanwhile, Tomas Rosicky says he wants to play more often but understands why he doesn’t:

I must be realistic because the players I replace score goals. I have not scored in four months, so I can’t be that surprised. At the moment I am half-satisfied. My performances are okay and I am healthy, but the goals worry me. I have a bad record.

He’s gone 32 games without an Arsenal goal now. I know many of those appearances have been as a substitute but the last time he found the net was against Bolton at home back in January. That’s a long four months by any standards. We spoke about combining Bendtner and Chamakh’s qualities to make a better player, if you could combine Rosicky’s energy and commitment to Arshavin’s usual eye for a goal (not the droughty one at the moment) then that player would be a real handful. We need us a splicin’ lab.

I suppose it’s normal enough for players to go through periods like this but he’s right, if he wants to be considered for the big games he’s got to make more of an impact. Maybe just being a bit more direct might bring about those goalscoring opportunities he needs.

Our former number 7, who really never had any problems scoring goals at all, has signed for Aston Villa. It will be very odd to see him in another English team but I wish him well. Except when he plays against us when I expect him to turn up and shuffle about the place being a dreamboat but doing very little else. Merci, Bob!

Update: Turns out he hasn’t signed just yet. Come on Arsene, do it. DO IT.

Samir Nasri’s goal against Porto last season is up for a goal of the year award on the FIFA website. Get voting.

Not much else going on so time to brighten up your Interlull, and get you a bit more in the mood for the derby this weekend, by giving you a chance to win one of two t-shirts. First, there’s the very last Harry shirt in existence (for now, at least) and as well as that REDaction have kindly given me one of their Forever in our Shadow t-shirts which they have on sale at the moment.

All the profits of those shirts are going to Centrepoint which is a worthy cause so click here for more details on that.

t-shirt competition

To enter simply answer to the following question:

What has he got? Is it: a) a switch b) a twitch or c) a witch *

Answers to [email protected] as quick as you can. Winners to be announced on tomorrow’s blog. Also, stand by for details on another Arseblog/Gunnerblog shirt coming soon, which will be the answer to all your christmas present needs (provided you’re shopping for an Arsenal fan, like).

Right, that’s yer lot. Have a good Wednesday, more tomorrow.

* please note that extraneous information about how he got what he’s got is not necessary as we neither know nor care.


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