Interlull: Sagna crocked, Nasri’s lack of proper expression

Good morning and a happy new week to you.

As the dullness of the Interlull continues it’s not untypical that the scarce bit of news this morning is related to yet another injury. This time it’s Bacary Sagna and he says:

It’s okay. I’m currently in rehabilitation. It will take three weeks. I’ll take my time to get back.

It’s a problem with his left thigh apparently which means that Emmanuel Eboue will probably get a run of games in the only position he should play for us. Johan Djourou has also been deployed at right back in the past so it wouldn’t surprise me to see him play a bit as well.

I don’t know if this an injury picked up while away with France or if he went into the Interlull carrying it. At this point I don’t suppose it really matters. It’s just another injury to add to the collection. That said, I’m hoping that this week, in his pre-Birmingham press conference, Arsene reveals that a large number of the players out injured are now back in contention.

A profusion of fit again players.

A superabundance of no-injured chappies.

A plethora of returnitators.

And so on. Of course there’s another round of games to get through tomorrow night before we can raise our hopes too hopefullaciousally. Then we have to hope they don’t get injured like that Man City chap who burst his knee off the side of the drinks trolley on the plane. I’m sure the club have ensured that they’ve all got window seats for their flights back.

Meanwhile Samir Nasri has, according to The Sun, ‘revealed his frustration’ at not playing more centrally for Arsenal. He’s quoted as saying:

That’s where I play best, that’s how I was formed. In every age group at youth level, I often played through the middle. I’ve been playing out wide for two years with Arsenal but feel more at ease in the centre of the pitch.

That doesn’t sound very frustrated to me. Let’s face it, it’s hardly up there with ‘If that dog next door doesn’t stop it’s infernal yapping I’m going to go over there and punch it in the face’ or ‘Why the fuck don’t people answer emails when they know you’re trying to get hold of them and it’s really quite important indeed?’.

Real frustration makes a person angry. He should have added a ‘grrrrrr’ or advised the writer to add a ‘he said with clenched fist and furrowed brow’ to indicate clearly that his was a genuine frustration. As it is he has merely expressed his opinion that he feels more comfortable in the middle. Arsene Wenger seems to think he’s got more to offer in a wider position. That’s that.

And speaking of that being that in terms of this particular blog that’s that. There’s nothing else to tell you, no news to report, no idiots being idiots, nothing. In these desperate times one can only resort to the life-saving wonder that is YouTube and provide you with some magical Arsenal moments to make up for the shortfall.

So, for today, here’s a game which put a 9 year old Arseblogger through the mill. The joy of being ahead, the terror that we were no longer ahead, the even more joy that we’d gone ahead again. That’s right, the 1979 FA Cup final. And for those of you who love to take players apart, check out David O’Leary’s first bit of action. “SELL HIM”. I also love the ramshackle 70s warm-up as Brian Moore goes through the teams. Enjoy.

Till tomorrow.


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