Thursday, January 20, 2022

Carling Cup preview – Transfers – Arshavin – iPhone app

Good morning, plenty to be getting on with this morning.

Obviously there’s a bit of football on tonight which could help people’s mood or, perhaps, make it worse. We know there’s going be a fairly young team out there tonight – it doesn’t look as if the boss is going to risk anyone who might be needed for first team action although I’d be tempted to use Walcott and Eduardo to give them the minutes and sharpness they need.

We will see Jack Wilshere, which is good, while at the back Senderos and Sylvester will provide experience in the centre of defence as they come up against that bloke, you know, the one who used to play for us and who turned out to be a colossal cunt. As I said yesterday City are desperate for a win, Hughes will say ‘Look we’ve beaten Arsenal!’ if they win, despite the youth of our team, so it’s going to be a big, big test.

The last time we played City in the Carling Cup we beat them 2-1 with a late goal from debutant Danny Karbassiyoon, after an assist by a young(er) Cesc Fabregas. Sadly Danny’s career was ended by injury but if you look really hard you can find him on Twitter. And the goal, oh go on then …

As with all the Carling Cup games it’s a great chance for some of the young players to show what they can do. In particular I’m looking forward to seeing Wilshere. I know he’s still only 17 but from the bits and pieces we have seen of him he’s a game changer, a guy who can make things happen and with first team places up for grabs it’s a chance for him to shine. It’s another opportunity for Aaron Ramsey as well. He played his way into contention this season then started at Sunderland where he played himself out of contention. Perfectly normal for an 18 year old, we cannot expect real consistency at that age, so he’ll be keen to put that performance behind him.

We know City are an expensively assembled team, on paper it should be no contest, but thankfully football doesn’t work like that. It’s going to be tough but I have no doubt we’ll go there and make a game of it tonight.

Now, leaving that aside there’s loads happening. Firstly Arsene Wenger has said we’ll be active in the January transfer window. Interesting. Normally his cards are so close to his chest they fuse with his skin, ‘Arsene 10 of clubs nipples’ they call him, but with van Persie out injured it looks as if he’s going to dust off the chequebook and bring somebody in. I assume this will kickstart all kinds of rumour and speculation, already van Nistelrooy is mentioned again, but I’m sure I’m not alone in hoping that he’s got his scouts scouting players in other positions too.

As mentioned on the Arsecast yesterday the need for a centre-half is pressing should one of Gallas and Vermaelen get an injury – and when you consider how much they’ve been playing it does increase the chances of that happening – and with Alex Song away to bless the rains down in Africa you might suggest we need someone to step into that role too. Let’s hope Arsene has the right filters on his searches too:

Search for: CB, ST, DM – Height: > 6′ – Strength: > Godzilla – Skillz : Awesomez!!!

It’ll certainly make life that much more fun as we wait until 11.59 on January 31st to make those signings, oh yes.

One man who would like to see new players come in is Andrei Arshavin. He says:

Arsene Wenger needs to buy new players – and expensive ones too. Why? Because all the talented and inexpensive players are already with us at Arsenal.

I could be wrong but I do remember that quote being around before now but maybe he’s just repeating himself. He does talk a lot, Arshavin, and has expressed concerns about the team as well, saying:

What I feel bitter about is that we lose in all the big matches. That is disappointing and lets doubts creep into my mind.

Maybe he’s just one of those people who says exactly what he thinks, ruling a career in diplomacy in his later life, but his honest assessment of things doesn’t mean he can’t cast a critical eye over himself. Of his own form this season he says:

Only sometimes have I shown my full skills and I’m not sure why that is. It doesn’t matter where I play, on the right side or the left, I don’t think I’ve played that well.

Which is probably right. I don’t think we’ve seen anything like the best of him this season. When he has sparked into life he has been creative and dangerous but he seems to spend too much of games on the periphery. Whether that’s to do with fitness or just poor form I don’t know but at least he’s aware of it himself. That said, when we’re without our main striker, it’s not unfair to look to one of our most talented and experienced players to do a little more and to help get us through, so hopefully he can step it up a bit in the weeks ahead.

Elsewhere Denilson’s attitude in this interview is exactly right – the young Brazilian still doesn’t always convince everyone, myself included, but that is exactly the kind of mindset we need right now.

Arsene Wenger complains about the rules regarding players being away on international duty and he is dead right. Abou Diaby was injured going away with France and should never have been called up. Instead of being at the club who pay his wages for treatment, he was off with his national team when there was never any chance of him playing. That cannot be right and something has to give. Unfortunately, as long as Twatter and Splatini are in charge of things I don’t see anything changing.

The boss also says we were misled by the Dutch FA over Robin van Persie while Samir Nasri talks about how great he feels at Arsenal.

Finally for today, if you’re one of them kool kidz with an iPhone, I’m glad to tell you the Arseblog app is back on the iTunes store. Big thanks to Rocky – you might remember him from such other awesome things as this – who has been through the mill a bit to get it accepted, but it seems everything’s ok now and you can get your daily dose of Arseblog via your little piece of Appley technology by clicking here.

So, that’s that, here’s to a good game tonight, a win for the young guns and a broken spineatarsal for you know who.

Till tomorrow.

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