Some vaguely Arsenal stuff and Leopold returns.

Hello there,

as we creep ever closer to the end of the Interlull there are a few bits and pieces to be going on with.

Amaury Bischoff is a signing that baffled, perplexed and bemused most Arsenal fans. He has barely kicked a professional ball in anger but says he’s eager to repay the faith shown in him by Arsene Wenger. Young Guns also has some info about his injury and how Bremen made him play while in pain. I don’t think we can expect too much from him this season really but who knows? He might be a nice surprise.

Emmanuel Adebayor has refused to fly to Zambia with the Togo national team, seemingly because the President of the Togo Football Federation was supposed to go with them but had to pull out because he was preparing to bury his mother. I assume the mother is dead so it would seem a little bit harsh for Adebayor to expect him to turn up. Unless, of course, he was planning a week of Weekend at Bernie’s style high jinks with her corpse. I suspect there’s more to this story than we’re being told at the moment.

Emmanuel Petit says his biggest regret in football was leaving Arsenal to go to Barcelona. His head had well and truly gone at that stage though and he was a shadow of the player who had forged that great partnership with Vieira. It’s a shame he was a bit mental really, the idea of Petit and Vieira being great for more than a 12-18 month period would have been a bit awesome. Still, at least he got lots and lots of money from Barcelona. As did we.

Some tiny Italian called Giovinco won’t be joining us. I know that’s kind of like reporting that something didn’t happen but times are lean. Deal with it.

On transfer deadline day Leopold Mendacious came out of hibernation and wrote a new post on the real ANR. Sadly it got lost in the ether. And not the metaphorical ether. The great big jar of ether that he carries around and inhales from at regular intervals. Hopefully we’ll hear more from him in the weeks ahead and apologies for the delay in bringing this one to you.

And that’s really about that. Keep your fingers crossed that our lads come back unscathed from tonight’s matches and then we can get on with the business of real football. The Arsenal are back on Saturday and we can look forward to that.

Till tomorrow.


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