Some pre-Hull stuff + Arsecast 93

Morning all,

a very quick one this morning as I have a load of stuff to do really early. Well, one thing to do really early but it might as well be loads of stuff. Which it isn’t. But there you are.

Cesc has been praising the young guns, amazing to think that a 21 year old is considered one of the most experienced and senior players at the club, calling their display against Sheffield United ‘sensational’. He also talks about Jack Wilshere and says the young man doesn’t need his advice as his parents and family are keeping his feet firmly on the ground. I did like Arsene Wenger’s quote about Wilshere though, he said:

He’s a natural. He’s focused and determined but he’s also still very young. I don’t think he even shaves yet!

Jack’s bum-fluff will make itself known to us as time goes on, no doubt. But back to Cesc and while he’s enjoying the stuff we’re doing at the moment he knows there’s still lots of football to be played yet, saying:

Last year everyone was talking about Arsenal and we were there for three quarters of the season, but we did not win it so we have to be cautious. We want to be there at the end of the season and the most important thing is to be there on the last game.

Bravo, Cesc. We need to turn potential into prizes and the line between failure and success is so fine sometimes. As an example, look at John Terry in the Champions League final. Might have been a hero, ended up a blubbering loser. Ahhh, nothing like good memories to get you in the mood on a Friday. But that’s how close it is at times so let’s hope this team can continuing progressing and improving and if that happens then silverware is a real possibility this season.

Ahead of the Hull game the injury news is that Gael Clichy is fit, hurrah! Also in the mix for the first time is Mikael Silvestre. No news yet of Nasri but hopefully he’ll be back, the boss said last week he thought he’d be ready for this weekend.

The manager has also come to the defence of the defence, so to speak. He’s right that our defensive record is good, on paper, but anyone who has seen the games can’t help but be a little nervous about how frail we seem at times. Perhaps this vote of confidence will inspire them to up their game but, without trying to be too negative, they scare me like a vampire anteater and I’m terrified of vampire anteaters. Had a bad experience with one in Borneo many years ago. I like the t-shirts in Borneo.

Michel Platini has said he was ‘too harsh’ on Arsene Wenger. I say I wasn’t harsh enough on Michel Platini so I am preparing a press release in which I accuse the head of UEFA of animal rape, genocide, the continued existence of Sp*rs and the death of 43 Ivorian refugees found in the back of a lorry having each paid £3,000 for a trial at Chelsea who paid Platini a £12,000,000 to keep his mouth shut.

Speaking of Platini on today’s Arsecast I’ve got a two part interview with Philippe Auclair of France Football who, in the first part, speaks about Platini’s comments this week and the reasons behind them. In part two we talk about the Carling Cup win against Sheffield United and the emergence of these young players.

Also on today’s Arsecast Eboue and some Talkshite radio. To subscribe to the Arsecast in iTunes simply click here, the direct feed URL is here, to download this week’s arsecast directly – click here (15mb MP3). You can find the arsecast archives here. And you can listen directly below without leaving this very page.


As well as that there’s a dedicated Arsecast hotline available all season long should you desire to make a comment, get something off your chest, share a song a chant or hilarious anecdote. Feel free to call it any time during the week, it’ll go to voicemail and you can leave your message. The number from inside the UK is 020 3286 6360 or from outside the UK it’s +44 20 3286 6360.

And that’s really about that. I’m over with Mrs Blogs and the Mugsmasher for the Hull game. I won’t have access to email from about 2pm so don’t send me any! See some of you later tonight and more of you pre and post game tomorrow.

Tom will be here with the blog on Saturday and Sunday. No, really. He will be here. I’ve reminded him and everything. So he’ll be earlier than last time. I estimate Saturday’s blog will be somewhere around 2pm and Sunday’s blog will appear at 1am Monday morning. Hah, I joke. Thanks to Tom, as always.

Talk to you on Monday and come on you reeeeeeeeeeeeds!


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