Arsenal 1 – 2 Hull City

Well, that was a bit fucking shit, wasn’t it? Not exactly the 83 nil we were hoping for, and perhaps it’s reward for exactly that kind of attitude. Not that I’m saying it’s my fault. Oh no, we all know who’s fault it is.

First things first, all credit to Hull. They did completely the opposite of what many teams do when they play us at home; instead of smothering the midfield and putting 10 men behind the ball, they came to play football, and that they certainly did.

We huffed and puffed, and had a lot of possession (as did Hull; one of the stats during the first half gave them 85% possession in five minutes), but we couldn’t break them down. The most frustrating aspect of it wasn’t the same old story that we just couldn’t unpick their defence. It was that we didn’t look like we really cared about unpicking their defence. Like we couldn’t really be arsed.

Arsene Wenger said it was a shocking result and he was disappointed by the commitment shown by the team. So was I. It was fucking shit. The whole attitude was shit. Having seen the Carling Cup performance in midweek, I think most people would’ve thought that we’d get all 3 points against a newly promoted team. It seemed that mentality leaked through to the players who seemed to think all they had to do was turn up.

Eventually we did take the lead through a scruffy goal – which was good, because if you can get scruffy goals when you’re playing shit, it’s good – that was either put in by Fabregas, or was an own goal by some ginger cunt. We had been turning the screw and on the balance of play up until that point, it was probably what we deserved. Just.

Then Hull scored their first, a wonderful 30 yarder that Almunia could do nothing about. Fair dues, it was a great goal and one worthy of winning any game. Instead of react by going and piling on the pressure though, we conceeded yet another goal from a set piece.

Hull got a corner, and our captain, our leader, our supposedly best central defender, watched Daniel Cousins as he jumped for the corner and headed it across goal where Fabregas’ jump at the post couldn’t stop it going in. 2-1 to Hull and we looked shell shocked.

A word here for Gallas. That word is cunt. I know he hit the bar late on (which might’ve salvaged a draw – woohoo), but his defending for their second was criminal. He just watched and made no attempt to attack the ball early. Remember his tantrum at Birmingham last season when Clichy gave away a penalty (which wasn’t actually a penalty as it turned out)? When he sat on the ground having a tantrum? After seeing his defending for that goal, I think Clichy should’ve gone up and punched him, square in the snout.

It was fucking appalling – and not the first time this season. I think that’s the third or fourth game now where he’s just been a spectator at a set piece. It’s not good enough for a central defender, never mind a central defender who came from Chelsea because he thought central defence was his best position and is the captain of the club. The attitude of the other players on the pitch can only be influenced by his, and when they see him not really bothering “because it’s only Hull”, that attitude infects the other players.

It’s not acceptable for him (or any of the other players) to only turn up in “big games”. All the games for Arsenal are important and someone needs to teach him that. Teach him it with a hammer. To the temples. Teach him well.

I don’t think any of the players came out with much credit yesterday, perhaps Clichy, Sagna and Almunia apart. Theo showed just how quick he is again, and he looks so much better a player than he did, but his decision making still needs a bit to do. Kolo was okay – let down big time by Gallas. Gallas was a cunt. Midfield wasn’t awful either. Cesc is still finding form, and Denilson has been worse than he was yesterday. Up front we just didn’t look like finding a way through. Neither Robin or Adebayor looked particularly dangerous. But it was the collective attitude that was most disappointing.

So, we drop to fourth in the league, and it’s hardly ideal preparation for Porto in the Champions’ League. I’m sorry Arseblogger’s first game of the season wasn’t exactly ideal, but at least he did get to see a great goal. Unfortunately it was scored by some cunt from another team.

Normal service will be resumed tomorrow, when I’m sure Arseblogger will have his own opinion on Gallas.

Until next time.


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