Early bird

An early update this morning. As Blogger mentioned yesterday, I’m travelling to London today from sunny (hah!) Edinburgh to watch us teach those lamentable cunts how to play football. Again.

Fuck, I better not have jinxed it.

Living up here in Scotland, I don’t get down the road often, and the last game I got to was…the same weekend last year. Yes, our only home loss so far at Ashburton Grove, to those other cunts from West Ham. If we lose again, I promise I won’t go again. Well, I sort of promise. As in not at all, but y’know. The sentiment is there.

(Many thanks to Arseblog’s own, and simply gorgeous, Redbird, for helping me out with tickets – who I very much hope is feeling better from her unwellness. I’m very excited, so I am).

So yeah, what can I tell you ahead of today’s game? Well, not a great deal, I’m afraid.

The manager says we can still win the league, and even as excited and positive as I am about today’s game anyway, I’ve got to say I agree. If we win all our remaining games, we’ve got a great chance (I really am cursing us, huh?). We played the Scousers off the park the other night – we really battered them – and they got off lucky, despite us fucking it up a bit. And despite the result, or whatever else we or they go on to win or lose this season, you know they’d love to be able to play as attractive football as we can (be nice if we scored the goals to match, right enough). Fingers crossed that we can get the result today. On the flip side, the boss also says we can’t afford to lose or we’re out of the title race. Can’t argue.

The boss also says that he doesn’t think the fact that Goonie-looking cunt (Dirk Kuyt) and the ref from Wednesday night used to be lovers in Amshterdam had nothing to do with him not awarding the penalty decision. I have to agree – I think it’s just because the bloke is a bit of a cunt.

Fabregas says that he’s told Flamini (FSTNFDP!) to sign up because he’s like ace, and stuff. Can’t argue with that either.

And in team news, it looks like Adebayor makes it, while RvP doesn’t, which is a shame, because on one of my last visits to Highbury, RvP scored a rather nifty goal from a very tight angle when we beat Blackburn (3-0, if I recall correctly), and I’d rather like to see him do that again.

So, a short blog today. I’m away to get on a flight to Heathrow and then sprint across town as fast as I can to meet as many of you lovely people as I can before the game. Afterwards I hope to see some of you in the pub.

Wish me – sorry, us! – luck, Gooners. I really would quite like to visit again one day…