Back to winning ways

So, I thought I’d try something a little different today. I thought I’d wait until after the match to do the match report.

Or, to put it another way, I thought I’d stay up drinking until 6am this morning, stay at a friend’s house, get home at 12pm, and feel like utter shit today. In true Arseblog style: *boik*. Yeah, so, maybe not so different. Apologies, ladies and gentlemen.

Anyway, the match has just finished and it looks like Arseblogger is our lucky charm. He loves his lucky charms, so he does.

We were good today, and we should’ve scored more. I’m absolutely made up for Gilberto scoring. He’s been the model pro this season; he lost the captaincy, which I for one thought he was nailed on for; he’s lost his place to the Flamster (FTLOG, STNDP!). But when he’s been called on, he’s done well, and his goal today was well deserved. Well, played Bert. I don’t think he’ll be around next season, but fair play to him.

But we were good all over the pitch. Adebayor’s goal was class, and Kolo’s cross was inch perfect. Adebayor’s touch to set himself up was sublime, but Kolo’s pass wasn’t half bad either. Hleb was tricky and smashed the ball into some cunt’s balls, which was highly amusing. Robin started looking like himself again, and even after a few heavy tackles, he managed to stay on the pitch, which was great.

And say it quietly, but Song was good at centre back, played out of position. I swapped texts with Blogger who was at The Emirates today and said it looked on TV like Song was doing well, and he agreed, although he thought he was a bit suspect under the high ball. There were one or two hairy moments, but overall he did well. Clichy was…Clichy. I just think he’s awesome.

Jens did well too, for all it was he had to do. One save in particular, even though the Reading player was offside, was excellent.

So, all in all, a good day at the office, and it’s nice to see us playing like that *and* getting the result. It would’ve been nice to get the 5-0 I thought was possible at half time, but frankly, a win’s a win.

As for Richard Keys, fuck off you hairy handed monkey boy cunt. Cesc: “I really hope my future belongs to Arsenal”. Keys: “Is there a message in that? Is he going to go?” Really, fuck off. And fuck off Redknapp too for talking some shit about Theo – another player I thought had a good game.

And that’s your lot. Apologies again for the late blog. Fuck knows what I’m going to talk about tomorrow now. Some nonsense, no doubt.

Until tomorrow.