Thursday, January 20, 2022

Sunday round-up

Now, you might think that this is a relatively late blog because I was out until 4am last night having beer and rum and Jack Daniels but you would be wrong.

I have been up and about since the crack of dawn scouring the newswires and such for the latest and greatest Arsenal news to bring you, but it has been so, so quiet it’s taken me this long to get anything together. Seriously.

Yesterday we had a bit of an Arseblog golf day, I am sunburnt – in Ireland, haha! – then we had some Guinness, some steaks, some more Guinness, some more steaks, no sorry, more beer, then some rum, then some shorter drinks. I even met Goodplaya, the big tall cunt. Some of us even went to a nightclub although as the night went on they dropped like flies, leaving only myself and the Mugsmasher. Then I left the Mugsmasher and proceeded to walk halfway home before I got a taxi. The taxi driver was a big fan of Kanu.

Anyway, on with the blog. Gilberto says Arsenal need signings to compete with the other big teams. First XI for first XI I think we compare quite favourably to Chelsea and United but there’s definitely a depth issue. Like a man with one eye trying to drive.

The Mail on Sunday says we’re signing Mouhamadou Dabo and Blaise Matuidi. Of course it is the Mail on Sunday and you have to take everything they say with a pinch cup bucket industrial sized warehouse of salt.

This made me laugh.

And that’s really about it. I, for one, condemn the Sunday newspapers, tabloids and broadsheets together, for not making up more transfer stories for this blog. Don’t they know they have a responsibility to invent utter claptrap to keep the people happy? Shame on them. Shame on them.

Still, it’s a sunny day outside, I might sit there shuddering for a while.

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