Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Saturday round-up

It’s all about thinking positive this morning. Arsene Wenger is doing it, Cesc is doing it and …erm… I’m doing it!

The boss knows we just have to get back to winning ways today against Bolton, a team who are fighting for their lives at the bottom of the table. The focus now has to be very simple, just win the game in front of you. There’s no need to worry about who we’re playing and when or where we’re playing them. Win the next game and we’ve got a chance.

Cesc, who seems to have his finger on the pulse, says:

If we want to win the league we cannot lose any more points. We have to think positive. We have to believe we can do it. Whatever happens we fight to the end — that is what we are recognised for.

He also seems a bit upset by the media who delight in Arsenal’s misery, saying:

I feel every time we lose or we don’t play well it’s like everybody’s happy. I still don’t understand why everybody is against people who try to play nice football. We’ve been playing fantastic football. But it’s true people like to see us lose. That’s the way I feel.

There really is nothing like the motivation of cramming something down people’s throats. It’s true the football hasn’t been as fantastic in recent weeks but I’m with the number 4 on this one, there are too many people in the media who delight in reporting on Arsenal losses and Arsenal crisis and Arsenal misery and so on.

In terms of today it looks like Emmanuel Adebayor is going to get a rest. The boss is aware that he’s worked his socks off and looks jaded, saying:

I believe he has given a lot this year and so he would need a little breather, maybe. He has played a lot on his own up front and has had to fight very hard. So at the moment, to refresh him a bit would do him some good. He has not scored recently but then, as a team, we have made less chances. Also physically he was a bit jaded because he has played in nearly every single game since the start of the season.

It appears Bendtner and Robin van Persie will start up top today – and I think we’ll see today’s team selection have half an eye on the first Champions League game on Wednesday. The right back situation will be interesting, it could well be Eboue today but I wouldn’t be surprised if the manager thought seriously about Kolo there for the Champions League games. We could see Theo start today as well although with Bolton’s physical approach he might be best coming off the bench when they’ve worn themselves out kicking and fouling us. I’m confident we’re going to get back on track today.

Going back to Cesc for a moment you might have read that he split with his long time agent Joseba Diaz and yesterday came the news that his new agent is none other than Darren Dein. I have to say the news is rather disquieting. Perhaps it’s just a case that Dein, through the SEM, group can secure more lucrative endorsements and sponsorships, but ultimately an agent really earns his money through getting players moves. Anyway, we won’t worry about it just yet.

Right, that’s about it really. I’ve got to get packed as I’m off on a little trip tomorrow. The blog will continue as normal but don’t be surprised if you get a Tom flavoured blog once or twice. Which reminds me, I should probably mention this to Tom. Tom … Tom… yeah, I think he knows now.

Hasta mañana and come on you goooooooners.

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