Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Preview of the Chelsea preview + Arsecast 56

Right then, let the hype about Sunday well and truly begin. Even well begin or truly begin if you’re not a fan of things well and truly although they are a good combo like cheese and pickle.

The injury news ahead of Sunday’s game is not really any clearer. Arsene is playing his cards very close to his chest and says it’s too early to tell about Flamini, Cesc and Hleb. However, I’d be very surprised if at least a couple of them didn’t play. That said, with so many big games coming up (like a certain North London derby next Saturday) then there’s no point rushing anyone back if they’re not 100% fit.

Robin van Persie talks about his return from injury and how he coped with being out. I think the general assumption is that he’ll start but he says himself he’s not ready for 90 minutes so it might depend on who else is back. If we don’t have Hleb or Cesc I think he’ll start, if we do the boss might be tempted to bring him on from the bench. Robin also thinks United are our main rivals this season. I think United are as a big a pack of cunts as I’ve ever seen but I suppose I can say things like that while he can’t.

William Gallas says he’s learned captaincy from his previous captains like Marcel Desailly (a man widely respected in the football world) and John Terry (a man widely despised by everyone outside of Chelsea, the patchy-haired cuntbox). With him coming up against his former team, a team he left somewhat acrimoniously, you’d think he’d be extra motivated but he says it’s just like any big game:

It is true that I play against my ‘ex’ team – but that will be the same if I play against Man U or Liverpool because I just want to win. However, if I were to score the winning goal with my penis and it somehow managed to put Ashley Cole out of the game for 6 months then that would be even better.

And who are we to argue with that. There are some thoughts on Cuntley’s return in today’s Arsecast and I’ll blog them tomorrow. I might even have some new thoughts that aren’t on the Arsecast but given tonight is Friday and I have to attend a Christmas party during which they will force me to drink booze, I doubt that. Very much. Anyway, a slightly fuller preview of the Chelsea game tomorrow including all the up to date team news. In the meantime you can read Martin Keown’s – I’m not sure he was in the mood.

Starlet, anyone? Is there any club in the world linked with more starlets than us? And isn’t startlet a fucking stupid word when you say it a few times. Starlet. Starlet. Starlet. Starlet. It’s not a word you’d think describes a good footballer. It sounds more like a pie made from small birds. Anyway, this latest tartlet, sorry, starlet, is some Bulgarian striker called Dimitri Borisovski or some such shit. He’s due for a trial and perhaps he can play a game of travel scrabbe with Billy-bob Mputu who was here last week.

Right, that’s about as much as I can come up with this morning. Now Arsecast.


In this week’s blogchat free Arsecast, brought to you by, there’s some chat about Chelsea, waffle about Cuntley, talk of beer, the Boro and Steaua games, the Man in the Bar has a player history, AWH pops in and there are a couple of other things in there including a brand new feature. So you can stop, collaborate and listen. Yeah.

To subscribe to the arsecast in iTunes – click here. To download this week’s arsecast directly – click here (14mb MP3). You can find the arsecast archives here. And you can listen directly below without leaving this very page.


And there you have it. I hope your Friday goes well and I shall blog you on the morrow. Not Steve Morrow though. He doesn’t like it when I blog him. Hurts his arm, apparently.

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