Sunday, December 10, 2023

Lehmann lays down the gauntlet to Wenger

Oh Monday morning again. Like clockwork they roll around.

It’s a pretty quiet one really. The main news surrounds Jens Lehmann who says he expects Arsene Wenger to pick him for this weekend’s game against Bolton as he’s now fully fit. When it was put to him that his absence from the team might not have been down to injury he gave the reporter a scornful look and said ‘Did you see me sitting on the bench once?’. You can see video of that interview here.

Personally I don’t think he was injured at all and I don’t think he’ll play against Bolton. Now that he’s laid down the gauntlet, so to speak, it is going to be very interesting to see how he reacts if he doesn’t play. Will he be professional and work hard to get back or will he throw a strop knowing there’s only a few weeks until the transfer window opens? You’d hope it would be the former. I thought he played pretty well against Ireland, one mad moment apart, and the booking he picked up means he misses the game against the Czech Republic on Wednesday.

Robin van Persie, who missed Holland’s shock defeat at the weekend, returns to their squad for the game against Slovenia.

Well done to Arsenal Times for their piece on Arsenal Muse, Alisher Usmanov’s one man defence team. Whether it’s on his own blog or on other forums or email lists, this bloke has a horrendously cock-eyed view of the fat man’s threat to our club. He saw nothing wrong with the article in the Sunday Times when nearly everybody else saw through it for the piece of PR fluff that it was – Craig Murray has more. And it’s hardly a coincidence that shortly after Usmanov hires a big shot PR firm these kinds of pieces begin to appear in the papers. B-Heads has a lot of good stuff today, please take time to read it.

Not much else to talk about though this morning. We do have the AGM coming up this week and Arseblog will have a roving reporter there to bring you the news hot of the presses, so to speak.

So, in the absence of any other news, who’s got a funny story about the weekend then? Anyone drink too much and puke into a policeman’s shoe? See you in the Arses.

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