Cheerio, Jose

So, what to tell you today? Gah, I feel ill? Wait, that’s not news.

In the Best Newsnow Headline Grabbing category, some absurd website has picked up on the Dein-Wenger meeting from the other day, with the headline “Wenger to get the sack?”. I’m not going to link to it because it’s just too funny. Some of these websites are great, aren’t they? The likes of Tribalfootball, EatSleepSport, The News of the World…

He’s not going anywhere, you morons, and he’s certainly not about to get the sack. What a crock of shit.

I just jinxed it, didn’t I? Yeah, maybe. Or maybe not.

Anyway, in less *cough* BULLSHIT *cough* news, it looks like we’ve finally palmed off Jose Antonio Reyes to Athletico Madrid. Now, I’m sorry that he never made it at Arsenal because the boy’s obviously a good player and he’s got bags of potential (remember his debut, and those 2 goals against the Russians?), but he was never going to make it for us because he couldn’t cope with the weather, or the physicality of our league (or certain individuals, if that’s what you choose to believe). I remember being at work and hearing we’d signed him and being absolutely thrilled, but he never quite lived up to the hype. Shame for The Boss personally who put a lot on the line by spending so much money on him, and it looks like we’ve only made back about half of what we spent on him (some £8m). Whatever the fee is, he had to go somewhere and Madrid (whichever side) is good enough. Anyway, cheerio, Jose.

In other news, Kerrea Gilbert as signed for Southend on a season long loan. He said:

I’m pleased to be joining Southend and we have good times to look forward to.

At Arsenal I’m not going to get the chance to really play this season because they signed another right-back, but hopefully I can help Southend.

I hope so too, because from the brief appearances I’ve seen of him, he looks not bad. Good luck to him.

Further to his comments yesterday (or part of the same), Robin Van Persie has spoken of the team spirit within the squad and how brilliant it would be to win the league with the players we’ve got:

It’s hard to fight with them [United, Chelsea and Liverpool] but I know we can do it. Football is not about age or money. It’s about if you want to run for each other, if you want to fight for each other and really play some ball.

Liverpool have spent lots of money, Chelsea have been doing that the last few years, I respect that. This is their way of winning things. But we can win things as well. We are young. So what? Age doesn’t matter. It’s about the way we play football and the way we like to play together.

To win the title with this team would be great. I really believe we can do that. I think the manager is thinking the same.

Since I started pre-season with these boys, every day I’ve seen their ability. Yes, they are young and young people make mistakes but that doesn’t really matter. Like in love, age doesn’t matter.

Feel the love, baby. Though, technically, in love, age can actually matter. Ask Chris Langham (sorry; I really am – I didn’t mean anything by it and absolve Arseblog of any responsibility for my comments). I really do think he’s ace though (Van Persie, not Chris Langham) and I think this team is capable of big things. Perhaps not this season – unless the manager addresses the areas we all feel he needs to – but they’re growing together and good as we can be, we can only get better (as long as we start putting those chances away).

In his own comments, Cesc said:

You never know in the future. When you are a footballer, anything can happen. But, right now, the best place for me is Arsenal. Since I signed this contract, everybody could see I really believe in this team and my commitment is the same as the first day I came here.

We have a strong team but we don’t have to keep saying: “We will win, we will win”. We have to keep going game by game, and if we can keep the concentration, we have a strong team and can win. Why not? I’m happy at Arsenal, I want to continue here and win many things.

Now, I’d love him to stay for his entire career, but I think we all know he’s going to go back to Spain at some point, though unlike that utter cunt Calderon, I think it’ll be Barca he goes to rather than Real. Nice quotes though and if none of Kolo, Gilberto or Gallas get the captaincy, I think he should. I know it’s a bit of a curse, but y’know. I’d be proud to have our little Catalan as captain of our club. He’s ace, so he is.

William Gallas is back saying the right things too:

We will show all the critics that we can do it this season by adopting a new attitude, because we have to be up there. In the past we have relied on lovely football to see us through, but sometimes you have to fight to achieve success and that will be the attitude we shall adopt this season. We showed against Inter that we can do just that.

Some people claim this club are on a downward spiral but there is enormous determination. Thierry has gone. Now we have to look forward to a new era. There is a tremendous spirit of togetherness and I’m ready for the challenge and want to set the right example.

Which is nice, and I suppose as long as he can translate that to performances on the pitch, is fair enough. I’m *still* not convinced that Phil and Kolo aren’t a better partnership, but there you go. We’ll see. Nice comments, but I still think he could’ve done better for Inter’s goal the other day, but whatever. Nice to hear him not-bitching.

Anyway, that’s it from me until next time. Blogger is back from living it up in Spain in the sunshine as of tomorrow, you’ll be delighted to hear. I’m off to spend the rest of my last week off getting drunk. Oh, etc.

Until next time that slacker goes on holiday I hope, Arsebloggers. Cheerio.