Saturday, December 3, 2022

Arsene has NOT demanded Dein's return

Ok, so Thierry completed his move to Barcelona yesterday. It was confirmed on and Arsene Wenger wished him all the best, thanks for the memories and rightly highlighted his amazing contribution down the years.

Over in sunny, warm, summery Barcelona Thierry went on with all the usual waffle a player who joins a new club goes on with but spoke about how he hopes Arsene stays at Arsenal, saying:

I will like him to stay there because it is important for the club.

And here, I suppose, is where we have to consign Thierry to the history books and not keep going on about him because he’s not an Arsenal player any more and I’m fucked if I’m going to keep writing about some Barcelona player!

Ian Wright used his radio show on TalkShite to ensure it was hammed up, saying:

I feel sorry for the fans because now they have just got a deflated feeling about them, I’ve seen them wearing black armbands.

Black armbands? Really? Did Thierry die and somehow someone who looks just like him has taken over his life and moved to Barcelona instead? Black armbands…pffff. There’s nothing like a bit of melodrama and Wrighty made sure to big up his old mate Double-D at the same time.

Reports yesterday that Arsene had demanded the return of Dein or he would quit are, as I’m sure most of you realise, complete and utter rubbish. I can’t begin to tell you how false they are. They’re as false as John Travolta’s hair. As false as Tom Cruise kissing Katie Holmes. As false as something that doesn’t involve Scientologists (who could use their magic powers to get me) but still very false nonetheless. The story is one of two things.

1 – Completely invented by a michevious journo

2 – Fed to a gullible journo by someone with an agenda

Either way I can categorically assure you that Wenger has made no such demands. According to one Arseblogger who rang the club yesterday Arsene is taking a few days holiday in France at the moment so reports of him holding a press conference are wide of the mark again. We’ll hear from him in due course.

One man linked as a replacement for Henry was David Trezeguet but thankfully he’s signed a new deal at Juventus. Another is Carlos Tevez and the idea of Arsenal excites him. He says:

I know people are now talking about Arsenal and obviously that is something I am excited about. It’s another big club and the good thing is I wouldn’t have to move out of London. I also already know English football and I like it. Arsenal’s style is more technical than physical so I could fit in no problem.

He’s away with Argentina at the Copa America and no doubt we’ll have a scout or two over there anyway. Could he do a job at Arsenal? I think he probably could but the situation regarding his ownership could complicate things.

And that’s it. The Is are dotted and the Ts are crossed and now we have to get on with things. And the sun has just come out here. Yay! Oh, it’s gone again. Still, the future’s not so grey after all.

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