Headlines, reality and BBC feedback

It’s a pretty quiet one this morning if you ignore the sensationalism behind this ‘Vieira: Wenger could leave‘ story. Speaking about the departure of David Dein he merely said it would be normal to wonder about whether it would affect Arsene Wenger’s decision to sign a new contract but that he really didn’t know what Arsene would do.

They do love the headlines, don’t they? Like the article that appeared on the Arsenal website yesterday in which the boss warned whichever team went out of Europe might suffer a bit of a hangover. All of a sudden you see headlines on Newsnow like:


He really said nothing quite so specific. Typical rubbish trying to stir up something out of nothing.

Thierry Henry was asked to choose between never scoring a goal again or never having sex again. He said:

My God, you ask me to choose the impossible — it’s like ‘do you want to die or do you want to die?’.

He also talks about some football stuff too. Jens Lehmann reckons Arsenal can win the Champions League next season. At the moment Jens reminds me of a big robot that didn’t get a proper charge and is now going a bit mad. This summer he needs to be switched off, plugged into the mains so he can start next season with 100% battery life.

No doubt you’ve already seen the story about the white kit for next season. It’s pretty minging, I have to say. The green trim is allegedly gold, I think it’s just the quality of the image. I’d be quite happy if this turned out to be fake although I’m 99% convinced it’s the real thing. Oh well. Vote with your wallets.

After yesterday having a pop at the BBC blogs, in particular that of Mihir Bose, for the time it took for the comments to appear and for ignoring some comments, the assistant editor of the BBC Sports website sent me an email explaining their situation. The near 24 hours it took for comments to appear on Bose’s article was an error, he admitted, and one that they would avoid in the future. I have to say fair play to him because not many people would have responded quite so nicely to a big part of their website being called ‘crap’, especially when he’s actually a Sp*rs fan!

One point I made to him about Mihir Bose and his lack of objectivity when it comes to Arsenal was that the reaction to his article yesterday was rather disproportionate to what he’d actually written. It wasn’t that bad, in the grand scheme of things, but what you had was a build-up from all his previous stuff which has been very much weighted against Arsenal and this was the first chance many people had to respond to his writing about the club. Personally, I think it’s very difficult for him to be taken seriously when writing about Arsenal because of his club allegiance and the archive of his previous Arsenal writing which, while it does have snippets of good info here and there, is generally wrapped in bluster and speculation from those ‘unnamed sources’.

And that’s about it. It only remains for me to laugh at Ashley Cole for last night’s Champions League exit against the Mug Smashers. So here I go:

Bwa ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Suck it up you little cunt. I’d love to say ‘See you on Sunday’ but you probably won’t play. Cuuuuuuuuuuuuunt.

I suggest you all do the same. It’s almost cathartic.

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