Saturday, December 3, 2022

A quiet Monday

Er, morning to you all. What a lovely sunny morning it is here. Barely a cloud in the sky. The sun shining. The gentle wail of one of the cats looking for food combining with the bird song. Outside on the street cars go by. Red car. Silver car. Silver car. Blue car. Black car. Black car. Bus!

As you can see there’s very little going on in the world of Arsenal this morning. We have a game on Wednesday and as yet there’s no team news, no comment, no nothing. It’s also the first game that hasn’t been on the TV in ages so we’ll be scrambling around looking for streams and such.

There have been some rumours about Jonathan Woodgate joining. Not sure how I feel about that. When he’s fit he’s certainly a very good player but let’s not forget he’s very rarely fit and while Lee Bowyer is thought of badly he was acquited of the charges Woodgate was found guilty of up in Leeds. Also, he looks like Frankenstein. So, having thought about it, no thanks.

The other rumour I spoke about, the white kit, grows stronger and stronger with people inside the Arsenal store seemingly confirming it. We’ll wait and see but it strikes me it’s a big faux pas if true.

There will of course be an Arsecast this week, sponsored as always by Savile Rogue. If you’ve got anything you’d like to contribute then check out the Arsecast page for details of email address, voicemail number than you can phone up and how to record a message directly from your computer. Best two contributions win themselves a Savile Rogue scarf.

Also, am I right in thinking that if you buy a ticket in advance of the FA Youth Cup game against Manchester United on Wednesday it’s only £3 (£1 for kids) and if you want to pay on the day the price goes up to £10? That’s a bit shit, isn’t it?

Hopefully something will happen today, other than Jose Mourinho calling referees ‘Filho de puta’. Funnily enough even when I was playing football in Spain calling somebody that (hijo de puta, in Spanish) generally resulted in a red card. I love how he’s trying to pass it off as something people say all the time, the big spoofer.

Right, I have to go see a man about a mic-stand.

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