Let’s make Perry Groves better than Ashley Cole

Ahead of the Everton game the boss had his usual press conference. We discovered that Senderos and Flamini are back in the squad but Gael Clichy is rested as AW doesn’t want him doing too much too soon after being out for so long. Other than that the squad is as expected with the injuries mentioned during the week.

If you listened to yesterday’s arsecast you’ll have heard bluesq.com’s bet of the week which involved Andy Johnson winning a penalty. Wenger revealed yesterday that he had been interested in the player and that he thought 80% of the penalties he won were genuine. So Johnson is only a diving cheat 20% of the time. Beautiful. Watch out at the back today, lads.

Wenger’s other snippets involved ruling out a move for David Beckham whose time in Spain looks to be coming to an end and his belief that West Ham should keep faith with Alan Pardew which is brilliantly sneaky. Pardew couldn’t win a fixed raffle this season and if he stays I’d put money on them going down.

While Everton manager David Moyes has been full of praise for Cesc Fabregas our Spanish midfielder is not letting the plaudits go to his head. He says:

I appreciate these comments when they come for you but I still think I am just 19. I am still growing up as a player and a person in a great club and with great players next to me and I think this is very positive.

I know it’s a point we keep going back to but the difference in his attitude to that of some other young players who they’ve got it made as soon as they get near the first team is worth pointing out again. I love that little guy.

Another game at the Grove today and it now feels like home to the players. Thierry Henry says:

The first two games were difficult, now it seems like we have a home.

Fortress Ashburton? Fortress Grove? Whatever. Let’s just make sure it’s as difficult as possible for anyone who comes to our place.

Finally for today thanks to everyone who emailed me to tell me that Ashley Cole’s book has only sold 3,500 copies, far less than the biographies of Rio Ferdinand, Steven Gerrard and Arnold Cunthammer who lives in Blackpool and nobody knows who he is. Serves him right.

It was suggested on the forums here yesterday that more people should be made aware of this fine tome. Yes, it’s ‘We all live in a Perry Groves world’ by Perry Groves. Wouldn’t it be fun if Perry Groves’ book sold more than Ashley’s? Yes, indeed it would.

Tell your friends and family that this is what you want for Christmas. Order now. Let’s make Perry Groves officially much, much better than Ashley Cole.

More tomorrow.

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