Saturday quickie

A quick one this morning as I’m off to play golf. It’s green here as opposed to the dry dirt of Barcelona.

Good news to start with is that both Djourou and Gallas have been included in the squad for the Charlton game. AW said:

William is travelling and will have a fitness test tomorrow. The scan looks quite positive and his injury looks OK so I am very happy. Johan Djourou is travelling too so one of the two will play.

That is a relief. Given how quickly they got Gallas back it’s no wonder the boss was praising his back room staff yesterday. From Ricey to Boro to Gary Lewin and Doris the tea-lady, the manager is appreciative of their contribution to the success of the team. Quite right too.

AW also reckons the captaincy has matured Thierry Henry, that William Gallas looks good in red and white praising the defender’s experience and what he brings to the team and that not all agents are scumbag spiv conmen only interested in money ahead of their clients’ careers.

And that’s that. Man this is an early start on a Saturday morning and the mug smasher isn’t coming to pick me up till 8.30. I should have stayed in bed a bit more.

Oh well. Have a good Saturday. Talk tomorrow.