Sunday round up

Surprise blog this morning since I only just found out it was my turn to do it, and my head feels like a badger has ripped out my brain, toyed with it for several hours with its massive, pointy claws, laid a juicy turd on it and then put it back. Roughly. So it’s just as well there’s not a lot of Arsenal related news this morning anyway.

There’s still no movement on the interminably boring Ashley Cole transfer, or that of the increasingly embarrassing Jose Reyes. An article (of what seems to be pure speculation) says that Chelsea will make a final offer of £20m this week and we’ll use the money to buy Curtis Davies. I wouldn’t be unhappy with him at all, but we’ve got that Ghanian bloke on trial who’s got World Cup experience and is available for a fraction of the price. Davies is English though, and that’s going to become more important with UEFA’s (arbitrary, trade-restrictive) rules about the number of English (or home association academy-trained) players you have to have in your squad.

One person who has got some nice things to say is Cesc, who says Arsenal is like his home and there’s nowhere better to be. I can’t find the link now but I definitely remember reading it yesterday. Lets hope he carries on feeling that way forever and ever and ever and ever. Cos he’s ace, he is.

The lovely Amy Lawrence writes a nice article in today’s Observer about Chelsea’s financial situation and how it’s damaging football. Interestingly she says that Gallas is keen to join Arsenal. I can’t see that there’s any chance they’ll ever sell possibly their best defender to us, even if we do factor in Cuntface Cunt.

Ms Lawrence isn’t the only person that thinks the Premiership is likely to be boring this season, with an article in The Independent saying a similar thing. However, it suggests we’ll be the most likely to be closest to Chelsea come the end of the season.

Anyway, Charity Shield today (yes, Charity Shield), so we’ll get a chance to see how two of the main contenders are shaping up.

That’s your lot. Breakfast time.