Arsene speaks – Villa preview

Well, Arsene has been talkative ahead of today’s historic game against Aston Villa.

He explained why Ashley Cole is not in the squad (“Because ee eees a leetle cunt”) and has said that it’s not Arsenal’s demands that are holding up a move to Chelsea. He’s given him permission to leave but is doubtful that any deal will happen, saying:

It has not happened yet and the transfer period started in June. We are not at the end of August and still nothing has happened so why should it happen now?

Chelsea have signed a Dutch defender which might make them more willing to let William Gallas go who could then be used as part of the Cole deal so I doubt it’s as dead in the water as Arsene makes out. He does say that if no deal is reached then Cole will have to fight for his place like everyone else and that he’d be willing to play him. That, if it happens, will be interesting to see the reaction he gets from the Arsenal fans. Hopefully we’ll sell the little cunt though.

AW has also blasted Real Madrid for their typically bullshit tactics over José Antonio Reyes. They have unsettled the player by telling him how much they want him, preying on the knowledge that he’s homesick and his family are on his back all the time about moving back to Spain. They get him to pose for pictures, make statements about how much he wants to leave then make a rubbish offer believing that the selling club will have to sell because of how strained the relationship between the player and the club and the fans has become. They’re doing it to Diarra at Lyon as well. They are a poxy bunch of shitehawks, they really are. Arsene says:

From a big club like Real Madrid you do not expect them to unsettle the player and say, ‘sorry we have no money, not one penny to spend on him,’ and that is it, thank you very much. They are not professional, they have no consideration for the player and it has affected Jose very badly.

The only thing I’d disagree with is that you expect this all the time from Real Madrid. It’s what they do. Now we have an unhappy player who has been hung out to dry but those cunts trying to get him for a pittance. Their financial offer was nowhere near good enough and we have rejected to the chance to sign three players that they offered as part of the deal. So, it looks like José could stay too. If he does he should buy his folks a house in Sevilla, move into a swish bachelor pad and get on with it.

Whatever about our lack of transfer dealings coming in, and I’m told there is still something going on in the background, we are certainly not being held over a barrel regarding the players going out. If Cole and Reyes leave it will be on our terms, not those of Chelsea and Real Madrid who, if they joined forces, would become football’s biggest vulva.

The boss also talked about the new stadium and how it would take 10 games to feel like home (but hopefully that won’t stop us winning matches, starting today!), how he believes Theo Walcott can be a revelation this season, how the youngsters are tougher and that more should be done about diving in the game.

In other news young keeper Vito Mannone has joined Barnsley on loan while Goodplaya gives his season preview and he mentions something I meant to before getting carried away with my optimism – namely that the balance between youth and experience is still a little off but hopefully next week will solve that problem.

Cesc says he’d love to be Arsenal captain one day and says that although Chelsea have a great team he doesn’t enjoy watching them play because they’re a bunch of expensive Wimbledonesque long ball cloggers. I do love that boy.

Ahead of today’s game the team news sees us without new boy Tomas Rosicky and Reyes (neither of whom will have recovered for the CL game in the week). Cole we know is out but Thierry Henry an Freddie Ljungberg are in the squad. Other than that it’s long term absentees Diaby, Senderos, Clichy and Lauren that we’re without.

Today I am going to go and watch the game in the Philharmonic. Even though it’s a new stadium it feels like the end of an era here.

Come on Arsenal!