Welcome back, number 6

Gah. I’m late again (but still not hungover – I’ll put that right tonight; maybe even this afternoon, who knows?).

The Sun reckons that it’s all over between Arsenal and Ashley Cole because Cole hasn’t invited Arsene Wenger to his marriage tomorrow. Or something like that. They reckon the book Cole’s about to publish that basically says Arsenal are a bunch of cunts has got something to do with it too. I dunno, I don’t want to lose a player as good as he is, but if he’s going to act the prick about what happened and can’t see that he did wrong, and that he’s where is today because of Arsenal and the manager (yes, as well as his own talent), then he can fuck off. Unfortunately since Chelsea are looking for a left back, that could well be where he ends up. Madrid need a replacement for hopeless, one-trick pony Roberto Carlos too mind.

Still no transfers done, with it having gone a bit quiet on the Saviola front, and Bryan Robson insisting Curtis Davies isn’t leaving. There was some talk – which might even have started on a WBA blog, I think – that they might be interested if we were to sweeten any deal by giving them one of Walcott, Lupoli or Bendter on loan until Christmas to help with their promotion challenge. Walcott’s agent has denied it, saying the player was delighted that Thierry Henry signed a new deal because he loves working with him. I can’t see it either, but you never know.

Today should see the result of the match-fixing trial in Italy, so maybe we’ve been holding out to see whether we can nab any of their players on the cheap. Given the choice, I’d take, oooh, Cannavaro, Thuram or Zebina, Buffon (bit harsh on Jens that one), Ibrahimovic (I know he’s a cunt of galactic proportions, but he’s an excellent player and his World Cup showing wouldn’t have done his price any harm), Zambrotta maybe. Who’s their left back? Given that transfer fees are rarely paid all at once, maybe they still owe us money for Vieira. I wouldn’t have him back, I don’t think, but wherever he goes might have a player we’re interested in. I wonder if any of their players have clauses in their contracts that allow them to leave for free if the club are relegated.

Must be shit to be a Juventus fan right now. I’m sure Blogger would want me to point out that it serves them right, the Chippy stealing cunts.

In more positive news, the lights have been turned on at the new stadium, and the club’s website has some nice pictures of it looking all glowy in the dark, and another player has been given a shirt with a bit of history – Phil Senderos will wear number six next season. Good stuff.

Anyway, I think Blogger is back from holiday tomorrow, so I’m not sure whether it’s the delight of more of my company you’ll get, or a return to normal service. If he’s back, it’s been a pleasure as always.

Happy Friday!