The shattering truth

I got monstrously drunk last night, oh yes. Hooray! I’m still a bit pissed actually. Double hooray!

I’m afraid it’s another day of my bollocks, so to speak. Blogger’s still soaking up the Valencian sunshine, the giant cunt, but he’ll definitely be back tomorrow. I told him that if I was him I wouldn’t bother coming back at all. Holidays are good; not being on holiday is not. The sun is even shining here today though, so my plans today mostly consist of lounging about, drinking beer.

First proper football of the summer this season today with our friendly against Barnet. Expect to see a mostly second string eleven, with some fringe players getting a game alongside those that didn’t go to the world Cup. When you look at the squad list, of the players included, Alex Hleb is the only player you’d be surprised to see, though of course he didn’t go to the World Cup. Anyway, good luck to the lads – hopefully they can get a win and all come through without any horrible injuries (Jeremmie Aliadiere especially!).

Ashley Cole says:

Arsenal hung me out to dry, using me as a scapegoat to get back at Chelsea,

The board ‘rewarded’ me with an insult and threw years of loyalty back in my face.

I’ll reveal the shattering truth about who fed me to the sharks. It changed my view forever on the club I regarded as family.

I’ve not much more to add to what I said yesterday, except that I hope we get a good fee for him, and that he doesn’t go to Chelsea. And he’s clearly a bit dim, because “shattering truth” sounds like the words of a Sun ‘journalist’, not the player. When you contrast his attitude with that of Fabregas and Thierry Henry, both of whom have responded to speculation linking them with other clubs by signing a new contract, it’s not hard to see why the manager might seem to avoid English players.

The Italian match-fixing result came though yesterday, with most high profile culprits Juventus being relegated to Serie B, starting the season with a 30 points deduction and being stripped of their last two titles (bad luck for Paddy – looks like that move didn’t turn out as successfully as some of the doom merchants would have us believe). Even with the players they’re likely to retain, it seems very unlikely they’ll be back in Serie A or the Champions’ League for at least two seasons. Ouch. Lazio and Fiorentina have also been relegated, and AC Milan will start the new season with a 15 points deduction. All have been thrown out of European competition for next season. Doubtless there’ll be appeals, but I’d imagine they’ll centre around the points deductions rather than the relegations. Some bloke on Sky News last night was saying that regardless of appeals, none of the teams will be allowed to compete in Europe by UEFA. Seems harsh, but I suppose that’s what you get for being a bunch of corrupt bastards. There’s bound to be a fire-sale at Juve now with players desperate to get out. I’m sure Arsene Wenger’s been paying attention.

Our old chum Ruud Van Nistelrooy appears to be on his way to either Madrid or Bayern, apparently because Ferguson can’t get over his personal problems with the 20 goal a season huge cunt. Some twat on Sky last night was saying that Ferguson’s not one for cutting of his nose to spite his face. There are any number of jokes there, but to stick to the facts, Jaap Stam anyone? David Beckham? Shame. I’ve always liked Ruud. *Snigger*.

Anyway, that really is all from him me. It really has been a pleasure. Enjoy your Saturday!