More of the same

Nothing new has happened since yesterday.

The Curtis Davies rumours are gathering pace, with various people reporting an £8m bid, which doubtless means it won’t happen. It’s been a long-standing one that though, so maybe there is something to it. The story I’d heard, probably from round here somewhere, was that we were waiting until someone else (i.e. Sp*rs) had a bid accepted, and would then match it and let the player choose. Or maybe I just made that up. Who knows – or cares?

Real are apparently continuing their policy of going after players we’re supposedly interested in, and have offered £26m for Ribery. They can fucking have him at that price, the lunatics. According to The Indie, they’re “poised” to make offers for Reyes and Fabregas. I can see Jose going, unfortunately, but I’d imagine they’ve got zero chance of getting Cesc.

I’ve always thought “poised” was a funny footballing cliche. There was a headline on the BBC Sport site during the World Cup saying “England poised to wait on Rooney”. Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Saviola’s agent says “He will make his decision based on football and that points to the Gunners”, and he’ll make a decision this week because he wants to get it sorted out before his holidays. Good, because then they’re be something interesting to write about other than tenuous rumours which may or may not be true. Plus he’d be a good acquisition, of course. It’s worth remembering it’s all the talk of an agent though.

Anyway, that’s all for today. Hopefully something interesting will happen in the next couple of days!

And it’s still not cunting Friday. Doh!