£10m for Curtis Davies?

Very quick one today, as I’m very late for lots of things for which I mustn’t be late.

Several sources reckon we’ve signed Saviola for £4m. If true, it seems an absolute steal. More on that if/when it happens.

Apparently West Brom want £10m for Curtis Davies. I’m starting to wonder if he’s worth that sort of money. I know we need a centre-back, but has he done enough to warrant that sort of price tag? I dunno. He’s only 21 or something too. Speaking of centre-backs not worth the money, apparently our old friend Igors Stepanovs is threatening to come back to the Premiership with Watford. *Shudder*.

Arsene Wenger has told everyone what everyone already knew which is that there’s fuck all chance of Fabregas going to Real this summer. I don’t know who, if anyone, buys the Real presidential candidates’ bullshit (other bullshit merchants, presumably), but it’s really very tiresome. I suppose we’ll have to get used to it with Cesc though, considering he’s (quite honestly) admitted he’d like to go back to Spain at some point. Can’t imagine he’d ever want to play for those cunts though; it’ll be Barca if anyone. According to The Guardian, AW’s comments were made at the player’s request because he wanted to draw a line under it, which is nice. The article also mentions, for those that didn’t already know – like me – that Cesc will be wearing the number 4 shirt next season.

Finally, that one measley offering above, I’m sorry there’s been no hyperlinking to any of the stories I’ve been making up. It’s actually very easy with WordPress, but well, I’d have to be arsed, have the time, and the inclination. Don’t worry, normal service will be resumed very soon.

Have you noticed I haven’t been hungover once this week? That’s how cunting busy I am. I’ll fix that tomorrow night with some lovely red wine. If I’m not too busy.

Eugh. I hate being busy.