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"It’s fuckin’ excellent"? It’s a quote from Arsenal’s Freddie Ljungberg after the FA Cup final in 2002. Collared by a roving Sky Sports reporter, he was asked how it felt to win the cup. He replied, "It’s fuckin’ excellent". And it was.

I used to dream of being Arsenal’s number 7.

Don’t pick it, it’ll never heal.

It’s all mostly true……

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Arseblog FAQ

Q: I want to register for the forums but it says registration is disabled. What’s going on?
Registration is disabled because I want to keep forum numbers to a manageable level. Every so often the forums will open and you can apply for membership by answering a simple questionaire.

Q: Can you give me the email addresses of players, the manager etc?
Sadly I cannot provide that information because I don’t have it. It’s surprising how many people email me to ask me though so maybe putting this here now will stop a few of them. And I can’t get you a trial with the club either.

Q: Can you get me tickets for games?
Can’t do that either. Sorry.

Q: At the end of each day’s post it says stuff like 124 arses, 543 arses. What the fuck are arses?
Most blogs have a comments section so regular readers can comment on what the particular blogger has written. The arses are just the comments system we have in place here. They’re chock full of interesting and witty people every day so feel free to join in but don’t come crying to me when you find out they’re not that witty and interesting at all.

Arseblog fact: Arseblog is the most commented on blog in the entire world. There are more comments on this blog than any other in existence. True. That’s because of all the witty and interesting people, you know.

Q:Is Leopold Mendacious, the author of the ANR column, a real person?
Yes he is. He’s currently undergoing some therapy having had his identity and personality stolen by Myles Palmer but he’ll be fine.

Q:Arseblog is quite fabulous and as an extremely wealthy philanthropist I’d like to show my appreciation by donating a large sum of money to the writer of this site which entertains me every single day. How do I do that?
Simply contact me via this link and we can arrange everything. I accept cash, gold bullion, diamond, valuable works of art and pretty much anything I can flog on eBay to make a profit. All money raised goes towards the not inconsiderable costs of keeping the site running and not on booze. Honest.

Q: I have a product or service that I’d like to advertise on Arseblog. How do I do that and what are your rates?
Again, please contact me via this link and we can take it from there.

Q:Why do I see an image saying ‘HOTLINKING NOT ALLOWED’ all over the site and especially where images are supposed to be?
It’s to stop people linking directly to Arseblog’s images and stealing the bandwidth. Bandwidth costs money and Arseblog does a lot. If you’re seeing the Hotlinking image it’s probably because you’re using Norton Internet Security. Go into the settings and disable the option for ‘browser privacy’. Now everything should be fine. If you’re not using Norton please check for a similar setting in your firewall programme. If you’re still seeing it then there’s nothing else I can do and I suggest buying a new computer.

Q: What does *boilk* mean?
You can find a full definition here .