Arseblog: Friday 22nd April 2005

april 22nd

With our next match not until Monday against the wanky Sp*rs there’s not a huge amount going on today.

Some Cup final news sees Arsenal fans get the North end of the Millenium Stadium in Cardiff and the team gets the ‘lucky’ North dressing room where they will be greeted by Col Oliver North and watch ‘North by Northwest’ before being led onto the pitch by a Scandinavian with a lisp. As I’m sure you already know we’ll be playing in red and white.

Andy Todd has been cleared of violent conduct by the FA. No fucking surprise there and he must be having a good laugh right now. I think the problem was that van Persie turned into him making it more difficult for them to judge whether it was deliberate or not. Perhaps the fact that he clattered into our player long atfer the ball had hit the net might have been a clue that it was his intention to make contact with van Persie. Anyway, the FA are cunts, Todd is a cunt and Robin van Persie is a two goal hero.

All week I’ve been running a competition to give away DVD copies of the 1971, 1979, 1993 and 1998 FA Cup finals thanks to ILC Sport. The answer to the question ‘Who scored Arsenal’s winner in the 79 final?’ was, of course, Alan Sunderland. The random number generator did its thing and the 3 lucky winners are: Paul Hagen, Scot Symmons and Mark James. I’ll be in touch with you to get address details and so on. Thanks to everyone who entered and hopefully we’ll have something similar to do when we get closer to the cup final.

For those who didn’t win here’s the picture of Alan Sunderland having just scored the winner for you to put on your desktops.

Over and out, cap’n.


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