Arseblog: Friday 30th January 2004

january 30th

08.18 – Less going on today coz we don’t play until Sunday and the Reyes stuff has died down a little bit.

All I have for you today is the news that we’re still waiting for his international clearance due to Sevilla’s fax machine being out of paper or something (although how that would impact sending a fax I don’t know. Well, you try and think of a fax machine related joke then. It’s not easy). Also, it seems unlikely his Spanish suspension will be carried over so providing the non-funny message sending device problems are sorted, he could debut against Citeh on Sunday. BFR on JAR.

There really isn’t too much else going on at this early stage of the morning. Like the rest of you I’ve seen the shocking headlines this morning and wondered how life will ever be the same again. It’s devastating news really but like Take That, Steps and Abba, I’m sure I’ll get over Atomic Kitten splitting up in time.

I’m just too gutted to say any more. I’m off to drown my sorrows in Jesus Juice.


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