Arseblog: Friday 17th October 2003

october 17th

08.57 – Flies are utter, utter cunts.

And you know who else are cunts? People who look like Matt Damon. You know, the kind of person that looks a bit special, looks like they might have the strength of ten men when they lose their temper. I went to school with a bloke like that. His name was Boothead.

Arsene Wenger is still waiting to see if he is going to be charged after his comments about Ruud van Nistelrooy being a diver and a cheat way back when. Maybe the FA have realised that it’s a bit difficult to charge somebody with telling the truth. Edu says Arsenal are like England. “It is very similar to the England situation with the Turkey game. When they thought everyone was against them they got a result. We have a very big match this weekend against Chelsea and we have the same sort of attitude going into this match.”

Dennis Bergkamp says Chelsea are serious title contenders. “There is a lot of talent in every position and depth in the squad. If you have that, then you can challenge for the championship. They are doing well, so why not?”

Sol Campbell isn’t that bothered by them though. He says “At the end of the day you can only play 11 against 11.” He also talks about the possibility of a couple of signings soon, saying “I honestly feel that Arsenal will sort out the stadium and then have money to acquire some other players when the transfer window opens.”

Jermaine Pennant wants to stay at Leeds. He says “I’m being treated well and that gives me a lot of respect for the gaffer and the players and they’ve a lot of respect for me.” Coz that’s what it’s all about, respec’. Almost every day Tribal Football have us in a race with Man United to sign some new wonderkid. Today it’s Osasuna midfielder, Valdo. Vere’s Valdo?

Somebody’s been putting something in the columnists tea, I reckon. There’s new one from Mike Rocks today called – Press, lies and stereotypes.

I had a dream last night that I was on tour with Jonah Lewie, the drummer from Echo and the Bunnymen and Robert Fripp. I was the Stylophone player. Strange.


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