Arseblog: Monday 7th July 2003

july 7th

07.31 – What a load of shit 1.

“Offloading Henry, who scored 32 League, Cup and European goals last season and signed a new four-year deal just two months ago, would show clearly the depth of Arsenal’s current financial troubles.”

A perfectly timed story as Henry got married at the weekend and is probably off on honeymoon, therefore out of circulation. Expect a ‘Arsenal have been unable to contact the French striker…’ story later in the week. Either way, it’s the biggest load of silly season shit I’ve seen so far. Henry wouldn’t leave Arsenal for Chelsea in a million years.

What a load of shit 2. Despite announcing yesterday that he had signed a new deal, has now changed the story to say that “Vieira ‘very hopeful’ of signing deal before season. Contrary to reports, new contract not completed but negotiations ‘going well'”

The full statement reads “Contrary to the article in Sunday’s News of the World I have not actually signed a new contract with Arsenal Football Club yet. However, negotiations are going well, improving all the time and I am very hopeful things will be sorted out by the start of the season. I would like to make it clear that I did not do an interview with the News of the World and I will make any announcement regarding my future through Arsenal Football Club.”

So who’s the fucking gimp who made an official announcement on the official website yesterday then? This is descending rapidly into farce. Sort it out for fucks sake. ‘Very hopeful’? Jebus.

It’s all the more strange because at the start of last season the NOTW announced Vieira as one of their ‘columnists’ and he has done more than a couple of articles for them this season. This could be a long week…

Harry Kewell will sign for Liverpool say the same reputable journalists at The Sun. Probably more truth in that than the Henry story (it wouldn’t be hard), and if it is true it says it all about Harry. Enjoy the UEFA cup and season after season of failed title challenges ‘mate’.

Right, I’ll let you pore over this story and whatever developments…er…develop over the course of the day. I’ve got a new job to go to so I’ve got to go iron my lucky underpants. Later.


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