Arseblog: Friday 4th July 2003

july 4th

09.34 – Well, I was just finishing off this morning’s post when all of a sudden there was a power-cut. Not long, just about a half a nano-second. Enough for me to lose everything I’d written though. Seeing as how it’s all spontaneous and off the cuff…er…man, I just can’t do it again. It was really excellent and funny and witty and eloquent though.(save)

It started with a great joke about Americans, Arabs, July 4th and fireworks. Honestly, it wasn’t as bad as it sounds when I see it like that. Happy July 4th anyway, merkins.(save)

Then there was some news about Harry Kewell, signing for Liverpool, Arsenal can’t afford to pay him 1 millions pounds a week plus 50lbs of ‘roo meat. The Liverool Echo broke that story but I suggested they heard it from a pissed up old tramp when they were looking for favours down the docks. Then there was some comment about how Kewell’s agent deserves a prize for keeping such a boring individual like HK in the news for so long. (save)

Then we went on to the story about Giovanni van Bronckhorst not moving to Celtic. I said that he said “I know there are rumours that I might be joining Celtic but it is not going to happen. I haven’t been approached and neither has my agent – and there isn’t any chance that it will happen.” (save)

So then I said something like ‘There’s no chance that it will happen then’. (save)

Then I mentioned I’d heard that Dennis Bergkamp’s Arsenal future depends entirely on the moves for Kewell/Kluivert. Arsenal will offer Dennis a slightly improved contract if they fail to land either player but don’t rule out Dennis doing a Zola and going back to Holland for one last season. (save)

Then there was some stuff about how people are getting anxious about our lack of activity in the transfer market. I wrote something that would have put everybody’s mind at rest, reassured them about the vision and acumen of Arsene Wenger and put them in a positive mood until such time as we do sign somebody. I can’t remember exactly what I wrote though so you’ll just have to suffer on. (save)

Ok, on Monday I start a new job so updates to the site are going to be affected somewhat. I’m not suggesting there won’t be any, just that they may not happen at the times you’re used to. I’m not 100% sure of the hours yet, so maybe there’ll be scope to do it in the morning still. If not, it’s likely to be evening updates for the forseeable future. We’ll see how it all pans out. (save)

Right, that’s it for now. More later when we announce the £40m signing of Nesta. (save)


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