Arseblog: Thursday 12th June 2003

june 12th

09.09 – It appears as if Arsenal have made a bid for Valencia’s Spanish international goalkeeper Santiago Cañizares. It’s been widely reported in the media here in Spain. Cañizares himself says “I know Arsenal have made an offer and I’m flattered by the interest but at the moment I’m only worried about playing well in the last two games of the season.” The Spanish season still has a couple of games to go and Valencia are battling with Silvinho’s Celta Vigo side for the final Champions League place. If they don’t make it, it could mean a player clear out and we could sign the player who missed last year’s World Cup after he dropped a jar of mayonaisse on his foot. Hell man, keepers these days just don’t have any Kraft.


Pennant threatens Arsenal exit‘ – ‘Pennant’s heads for Wenger showdown‘ – ‘Pennant makes a stand‘. Some of the headlines surrounding Jermaine Pennant’s comments about his Highbury future. All a bit shock-jock to be honest. What he says is fair enough you’d have to think. “I feel that I’m good enough to play in the Premiership and, hopefully, I will next season. I’ve been patient but you can only be patient for so long. If I don’t get my breakthrough then I’ll have a word with the manager and ask him what he thinks of me. If he feels I’m not going to be used then I’ll have to look elsewhere.”

Can’t argue with that really. The boy’s got talent and he’d probably be a regular for 50%, if not more, of the teams in the Premiership at the moment. He got a start against Southampton, scored a hat-trick and did a lot to convince people he’s got what it takes. I think if he works hard, he’ll get his chance. It’s up to him to take it when it comes. He seems to have learned his lesson after his well-documented night out last month. According to ex-Gunner and England Under-21 boss David Platipus Platt the third, “Every day he has worked very, very hard in training. He has been more focused in training and his two performances have been very good.”

The FA are set to trial a sin-bin system for yellow cards this weekend. It’s only happening in a Masters tournament for old bald ex-pros, but it’s slightly worrying I have to say. They say “We can see the benefit in creating an advantage for the opposing team once a player has been yellow carded.” Isn’t the advantage the fact that a player has to be more careful and less commited (given today’s referees) for the rest of the game? If you’re playing against England isn’t there every chance Michael Owen might dive and get the player another yellow card (Owen is a national hero by the way, Francis Jeffers is just a jug-eared diving cunt – you understand).

Sin-bins are a bad idea. Soon we’ll have time-outs, stoppages for refs to look at video replays, temporary substitutions and all manner of things that have no place in football. Just say no.

Arsenal are after a young Norwegian defender called Brede Hangelund. Well, that’s according to his agent. “I can confirm that a representative of Arsenal was present at Marienlyst (for an Under-21 international)” said Hangelund`s agent Jack Karadas. “I cannot say any more than that.”

As my own agent I can confirm that I’m in talks with Arsenal about myself following my offer to the club on June 8th. I’m discussing a 4 year deal and as soon as I strike a deal that I’m happy with, I’ll tell myself to sign for the Arsenal. It’s all very easy this football agent business, you know.


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