Arseblog: Sunday 15th June 2003

june 15th

15.52 – Yesterday I said ‘Word is there’s a double-deal going down, Robinson and Kewell to Arsenal, Parlour and Jeffers plus some cash to Leeds’.

That ‘word’ was only in my head though, because I didn’t hear it from anyone. I just made it up. In today’s News of the World they say Robinson and Kewell to Arsenal with Parlour and Jeffers going the other way. How queer.

Leeds Chairman Professor John McKenzie has spoken about Kewell and what he says is quite interesting. “With Harry we can’t afford another Lee Bowyer situation. If he doesn’t sign a new contract we’ll get nothing in a year’s time, so it would be better to have Jermaine Pennant and some money in rather than finish up with nothing.”

He also outs Peter Reid “Clearly we need some money to spend on additions to the current squad. And Peter Reid fancies young Pennant.”

Phillipe Mexes has talked about leaving Auxerre and when asked if he’d move to Arsenal said “Why not?” Nothing like a bit of enthusiasm, eh?

As well as coveting Robert Pires, Inter Milan want Freddie Ljungberg too and have offered Sergio Conceicao in exchange for our Swedish international. In some papers Robert Pires is going to Inter Milan, according to other sources he’s going to stay at Arsenal. Speaking from France, Pires has reportedly said “I feel at home among the English and I don’t think I want to go anywhere else.” Then sign a contract, please Robert.

I read the Sunday Express on the train home this morning, and they have a big article saying how Arsenal are ready to sell Vieira for £25m to Real Madrid. The deal has not only been sanctioned by Arsene Wenger, but it was AW’s idea in the first place. He will also sell Robert Pires to Valencia for £5m. With that money he’s going to buy Robinson, Kewell, Trezeguet and an un-named centre-half. Good one.

Right, I’m hungover and way too hot. Time to go float in the sea for a while.


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