Arseblog: Saturday 7th June 2003

june 7th

12.03 – A slow slow Saturday in close season. Not only is it close season, but the sheer boredom is added to by the fact there is international football on, hence a lack of any kind of club related news.

There’s some boring crap story about Ken Bates giving David Dein a hard time over his FA role. It’s about as interesting as ‘The life and times of Phil Collins’. And erm…that’s about it. So today we give you the chance to make your own Arseblog entry (fnarr).


Arsenal were today linked with {PLAYER NAME} who currently plays for {CLUB NAME}. {PLAYER SURNAME} says it would be an honour to join the Gunners but is worried that {CLUB NAME} might ask too high a price for him. He says “My agent is aware of Arsenal’s interests and I would love to go there. I just hope {CLUB NAME} can agree a price.”

On the way out of Highbury could be {ARSENAL PLAYER NAME} who has been linked with a move to {CLUB NAME}. {PLAYER SURNAME} hasn’t played as much as he’d have liked last season and given the club’s financial situation Arsenal could accept an offer of around {£X}. {OTHER CLUB NAMES} are also said to be interested.

Also on the way out could be {ARSENAL PLAYER NAME} who has been promised as a signing by {INSERT SPANISH NAME HERE} who is a candiate to become the new president of {SPANISH CLUB NAME}. {SPANISH SURNAME} says “I have already spoken with {ARSENAL PLAYER SURNAME}’s agent and he assures me that {ARSENAL PLAYER SURNAME} would jump at the chance to play for {SPANISH CLUB NAME}. I promise the fans of {SPANISH CLUB} that if I am elected {ARSENAL PLAYER NAME} will lead us to glory.”

Arsenal are today reported to have made an offer for {CLUB NAME}’s star striker {PLAYER NAME}. {PLAYER SURNAME} is also attractng interest from Man Utd but {PLAYER SURNAME} would prefer to move to London. Arsenal have offered {CLUB NAME} their choice of {ARSENAL PLAYER NAME}, {ARSENAL PLAYER NAME} and {ARSENAL PLAYER NAME} plus £4m in cash to help seal the deal.


For those of you with a fertile imagination today has been a good news day.

At least tomorrow brings the kind of OTT transfer speculation that the Sunday papers can bring. Have a good one.


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