Arseblog: Saturday 14th June 2003

june 14th

09.56 – A short update for you this morning. I’ve places to go, people to see, fish to buy, men to see about dogs etc.

Santiago Cañizares is talking like he’s already an Arsenal player. In this article he says “Seaman is a legend in English football and it will be tough for any player to replace him but you can win over the fans by working hard. And that’s what I do. I don’t know Taylor but I suppose he will have aspirations to be the No.1. But wherever Canizares plays, he gives his best and it is up to the coach to decide my role – I’m not fussed about being on the bench.”

Do we really want a keeper who can’t speak English and who’s not bothered if he’s on the bench? Hasta luego sunshine, and according to some sources Paul Robinson had a medical at London Colney yesterday which would put paid to any move for Canizares. Word is there’s a double-deal going down, Robinson and Kewell to Arsenal, Parlour and Jeffers plus some cash to Leeds. We’ll see. Leeds Chairman Professor John McKenzie says Robinson is not interested in Arsenal. Smokescreen. Same as the announcement that Leeds have had constructive talks with Kewell.

Dennis Bergkamp may not sign a new deal at Arsenal after all. He’s said to be unhappy with the reduced terms of his contract. Apparently it’s a small basic plus pay-as-you-play and other payments for goals and assists. The Dutchman feels he deserves better from Arsenal and may look elsewhere for his final season. Of course, that could all be just paper talk and Arsenal are waiting to make one big announcement re: signings and re-signings to save money on press releases and fax paper.

Dream on Basturk.

Like the rats following the pied-piper of Hamelin, other Arsenal blogs follow behind Arseblog, ready one day to fall off a cliff to their doom. Or something. What I mean to say is check out, a rather good Arsenal blog by a bloke who sits in the North Bank, Clock End, East Lower.

Right, that’s yer lot. I have places to buy, fish to see etc. Have a good weekend.


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