Arseblog: Monday 16th June 2003

june 16th

09.23 – This is going to be another one of those mornings where I awake to find very little Arsenal news, yet by mid-morning or early afternoon there are loads of stories around.

Which still leaves me in the difficult position of having to come up with something this morning. Luckily for me I got an email from a Leeds fan asking me about Pennant and stuff. In his email he says “Word up here is that Pennant and Parlour are coming. Pennants [sic] was seen after having a medical and Parlour is believed to have agreed terms last week. Kewell is definitely going to Arsenal and Robinson seems likely to go as well.”

Right, so nothing new there. Not sure about Pennant being used as part of the Kewell deal though. Could we not give them Cygan, whether they want him or not?

“Ok Leeds United, we’ll buy Kewell and Robinson from you, give you Parlour and Jeffers…not only that, we’ll give you a few quid too…and wait, it doesn’t stop there…we’ll throw in this tall, bald ‘defender’ absolutely free. And wait, if you pay by credit card, we’ll throw in this marvellous collection of 50s music too. And the Art of Cabinet Making with 101 shop tips, and this pen that writes upside down…”

In the old days people used to trade with donkeys all the time, given our cash problems it seems like the barter system is the best way to do it.

Valencia won’t be playing Champions League football next season after being beaten 3-0 at home by Barcelona, so the futures of Canizares and Ayala should become clearer during the week. It would also be a huge surprise if Robert Pires left to go there now.

Phillipe Mexes has had a bit more to say than ‘Why not?’ when asked about Arsenal. “I have spoken to some of my France international team-mates a bit about Arsenal,. Titi [Henry] told me that I could come but, hey, I’m not the one who’s running things. I’ve still got to go and visit Arsenal and I’ve had no one from there on the phone.”

Finally for today, check out the columnists link on the right hand side. Over the coming months we’ll have plenty of new writing and articles for you. It kicks off today with Mike Rocks’ debut piece, ‘We love you Arsenal’.

We have tried to contact Leopold on a frequent basis over the last couple of weeks. After repeatedly watching ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ he’s developed some kind of fixation with Jennifer Jason-Leigh, has flown to America, and has been stalking her and singing minor Lloyd Cole hits at her when she comes out of her house. We hope to have him back soon though.

Now, just sit back and watch the Arsenal news come rolling in…


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